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A powerful piece of reading, with a lot of insight in the word "pastor". Keep on writing.
A very interesting way to examine our concept of a pastor. It is thought-provoking. Nice work.
Different and very well done! Thought provoking. Blessings, Cheri
Definitely a unique take! I absolutely LOVE your conclusion, of course, and you built up to it very well. As I read through it, I was a bit eager to be done with the questions about who we expect a pastor to look like - I might have put a couple fewer of those - but that is just my opinion. This is wonderfully put-together. Great read!
This piece covered the different aspects and personalities of pastors quite well. It was an easy read, and I love the last line. Thanks for sharing.
Great description of the perfect Pastor. Of course He would be. ;) I grinned at this description : "A Bible totin’, Scripture quotin’".

Thanks for writing this piece. Keep up the good work - I predict you'll be moving up soon!!
I sincerely like the way you are able to take references from the Bible and related them back to our times in a provoking way. Keep up the good work!
Very unique approach. I liked the "sober scholar". Very enjoyable to read. Thank you.
This is a very good example of what a pastor should or should not be. You pictured it well.