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Wow! What a take on the Isaiah scripture. What creative description, and, stays true to the scripture. Very good job!
Great desciptions, beautiful atmosphere, powerful story. Very good writing. You may be interested to read another on the same story - Consumed in Level 4
Very good. This helped me to consider again what it must be like to enter into God's presence - a spiritual blessing indeed. Thank you. I predict that you will not be in beginners long. Keep writing!!
I love the view of how the very things we do in life shall stand against us to accuse. A powerful rendering of Isaiah's trial here.. Very well done.
This was absoulely awesome! I love this take on one of my favorite passages from Isaiah. A winner in my book!!
Very anointed! Writing talent is one thing, but when it is combined with a submitted heart and anointing, it's a rare treat. This article has all three. Besides being a well crafty entry that minsters its point very, very well; it's an example of what FWs is all about, in my opinion. This piece is much more than a winner, but a true blessing. God bless.
What is this doing in beginners?? Your description and wordsmithing here is spectacular. Such amazing images. Wow!
Wonderful writing--I especially liked the personifications of Sin in the 6th paragraph.
This is extremely well written. Your descriptions were excellent. A masterful rendition of the story. Thanks for sharing it
Yes, I'm commenting again. This is just masterful. So much I like about it. I'm all goosebumpy - again! Deserving of a double comment! :)
Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm speachless. I'm with Chrissy, that was my favorite line as well. Have fun climbing to the top:-)
I agree with Joanne Sher--what are you doing down in beginners? Wow! This is powerful!

Like a wall battered down by an enemy, I had crumpled face-first to the ground, past caring or even desiring whether I lived or died. There's something about this image that is ringing true with me right now, thank you for sharing and being a blessing to us. Enjoy your trip towards the top!
Very, very well written. I will be watching and reading as you move up the levels. May God be glorified as we "see" with greater clarity this OT Throne Room experience. Thank you for using your gift to build up the family.
AWESOME! What a vivid, descriptive, you-are-there, story. I SO enjoyed this and I can't wait to see where you place! This is great writing :)
Powerful article. Well done!
Powerful, powerful, powerful. Well done!
VERY good! The imagery was incredible!!
You painted a wonderful picture of Isaiah, and Revelation, but one bit failed to ring true to me in the vision of MY mind. Where you wrote "A singed taste like that of burnt ash filled my mouth..." I would have wrote "burnt flesh filled my mouth" since that is my vision of a hot coal to tender lips. But all in all a wonderfully painted vision.
Just a comment on "the singed taste like that of burnt ash"...It didn't refer to the coal touching his lips at all. It had to do with the sin being purged out of his soul, as the taste filled his mouth at the moment sin's hold was broken upon him and the specters melted from his sight. Hope that make it clear! :)
I'm with the rest. As soon as I started reading this one, I thought, "IMPOSTER! Someone in Masters has dipped down for a lark!" I'm humbled by your talent. I hope that you are feeling encouraged by the comments. You certainly should be! See you at the top, or maybe I'll wave to you as you cruise by me! Tee Hee! DYNAMITE!
This is powerful reading! I don't usually like narated Bible stories, but I like this one. Good job.