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I don't know if the information about the island is true, but it is certainly informative if it is.
Your piece would be a bit easier to read if you leave spaces between paragraphs. You also might want to proofread closer for spelling and punctuation errors.
Thank you for sharing with us.
An interesting story, and the place sounds beautiful. I agree that you can improve this piece by checking your grammar and punctuation. But it is a lovely story, and it warmed my heart.
I was confused about the entire story actually. Though, I do agree with the comment about spacing between sentences. Keep writing!
This a very imaginitive little story. I think it would come to life if you concentrated on the details of maybe one or two of the experiences--there are so many and the changes in time and scenery are a little hard to keep up with. I had to read closely to avoid missing something important. Also, be sure to space after your commas and periods. I enjoyed the creativity and the message that to be unique is something rare and beautiful--and that is what we all need to find within ourselves. Thank you for your story! Keep up the writing! God Bless!
I liked the story, it was well thought out and creative. I agree with all of the others, you need to proofread and work a bit on grammer, then you will blow our socks off with your stories. Keep it up, your creativity only gets better with practice!