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Well done. You had me hooked from he beginning.
This is a beautiful story, keeping the reader eagerly sweeping the eyes to the next sentence. God specializes in helping us to overcome obstacles in our lives, often through a spouse or close friend. This was a delight to read. Thomas
Beautiful! This was very touching :)
this touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautiful ... touching ... the storyline was lovely ... great writing. Well done.
I loved it! I thought the piano was a perfect way for Emma to "see" again. What a wonderful story...thank you for sharing and keep writing. God Bless,Kaye
Beautifully done, Chrissy. Although some of us lose much, God helps us to gain even more. Blessings. Jo :)
Well done, Chrisee. I like the way that the story is circular, returning at the end to an idea from the beginning. It does present a point of view problem but it would have been interesting to connect the conversation James had with the pastor to the arrival of the piano. I assume it is connected, otherwise, if it doesn't add to the story, leave it out. :-) Yeggy
I enjoyed your story! Initially I thought that her husband had died, and then wondered who James was. :) But apparently everyone else got that right off the bat, so that may have just been me! Thanks for ending on a hopeful note. Keep writing!
I liked this story very much. You did a good job of getting the reader's attention.
A lovely, heartwrenching and heartwarming story. It also took me a bit to catch on that she was blind - maybe make it clearer higher up in the story? Other than that, I have NO suggestions. Just wonderful!!
I was quite intrigued by this story. It stirred memories of a beautiful TV documentary on two autistic children, both blind from birth, and both incredible pianist. I remember well how awestruck I was as I watched their gifts flow through their fingers, creating such lovely music, despite their "physical disadvantages". I believe you have touched upon one of the many miraculous ways God opens so many new doors for us as others sre suddenly closed. Well done, quite heartfelt, and passionate.

I loved the surprise piano!
And I really enjoyed reading your story. I realize it's hard to expound and develop character in such a strict word limit, but you've done a good job with your plot. Thanks for sharing!