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"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine" - Song of Solomon 1:2

February…the month of love and romance. Did you know that God is the author of love and romance? In fact, the whole Bible is really a romance novel, written about God's love for us. There's even one book dedicated specifically to romantic love. You know which one I'm talking about – Song of Solomon. I highly suggest sitting down with your husband or wife and reading this book together. And for those of you who are single, read it looking ahead to the kind of love God desires for you to experience when you marry that special someone.

As we celebrate Valentines Day, remember how much God loves you. So much that He didn't just give you his heart, He gave you His Spirit. And He gave you His Son's life. Is there any love greater?

Be sure to read this month's Out of the Mouths of FaithWriters section, where members reveal how romance has played a part in their marriage.


I am happy, thrilled, overjoyed, excited, and privileged to announce that the date for the second U.S.  FaithWriters conference has been set! Since the first conference was held in 2007, members have been waiting patiently (and some not-so-patiently) for the next one! Well, put on your celebration hats because it's gonna happen!

This year's FaithWriters conference is scheduled for AUGUST 8 and 9 (Friday and Saturday) in Livonia (Detroit), Michigan, where FaithWriters headquarters is located. Although nothing official is in the program for Sunday (the 10th), this would be a wonderful day to set aside for sightseeing or just hanging out with your FaithWriters friends.

Look for all the conference details to be posted sometime in early February. 'Til then, mark it on your calendars and start saving those pennies for this amazing conference. You won't want to miss it! http://www.faithwriters.com/conference.php


The Page Turner Contest guidelines have now been posted. For those of you newbies who don't know what the Page Turner is all about, this is a first-chapter contest created exclusively for FaithWriters 500 members. Each year alternates between fiction and non-fiction, with this year focusing on fiction. The winner takes home a wonderful prize package, including free editing of their entire manuscript, publicity, press releases, and a nice chunk of cold hard cash! Click here for more details: http://www.faithwriters.com/page-turner.php.

And keep in mind this contest is for 500 members only. For information on becoming a 500 member and a list of all the wonderful benefits you'll receive for only .33 per day, visit this page: http://www.faithwriters.com/myaccount/donations-from-members.php


FaithWriters is in dire need of your help. We are grateful that the FaithWriters membership continues to grow. But increased membership means more time maintaining the site. That, along with rising costs, means we need more revenue to keep FaithWriters thriving. The best way you can help ensure that FaithWriters will be around for a long time to come, and that we are able to continually add the features you've been asking for (like additional profile options, for one), is to join the FaithWriters 500. Not only will you be helping FaithWriters stay alive, but you'll receive many valuable benefits that will take your writing to the next level.

Watch for a letter to arrive by email very soon, honestly laying out FaithWriters' current financial situation. We're humbled to admit that this really is a plea for help and we hope you will prayerfully consider the opportunity to jump in and help keep FaithWriters alive.

This letter will also be available online, if you want immediate access to how you can help. Click here to view this letter:



The first Challenge of 2009 has officially begun! And talk about challenging! Already, the theme is clear and focuses on various countries of the world. So far, we've had "U.S.A.", "Australia", and "United Kingdom." Where will the Challenge take us next?

If you love to travel, even virtually, be sure to visit this quarter's Weekly Writing Challenge! http://www.faithwriters.com/writing-challenge-intro.php

The top ten entries will be published in the FaithWriters quarterly anthology. Watch for the Editor's Choice winners, as well as the level winners from the previous week's topic to be announced every Thursday morning right here: http://www.faithwriters.com/wc-archives-levels.php.

Didn't place in the top ten but wondering if you came close? Visit the message boards every Thursday evening, when the top 40 Challenge entries are listed, along with the top 15 in each level. If you made it on that list, pat yourself on the back. And if you don't find your name, don't give up! Jump right back in and try again. There's always next week! Click here for previous weekly results: http://www.faithwriters.com/Boards/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=55


With Valentines Day this month, I asked our members the following question relating to love and romance:

Do you consider romance to be an important part of marriage? And what's the most romantic date you've ever been on with your husband/wife?

"When we were dating, Jeff used to send flowers at least a couple times a week. At first it was embarrassing, but I loved it. After being married a few years, he would drop by my work about every other day with a capuccino and a kiss. All the girls in the office thought he was the greatest guy." – Karlene Jacobson

"One of the sweetest Frank did for me was on my birthday a month after Josh was born. He offered to take Eileen out to play in the snow (I should have known something was up -he hates the snow) while Josh was asleep so I could take a bath. He'd arranged to take the night off from work, but didn't tell me, so he was "going to work", but really picking up the baby sitter and pizza, then come back to get me and Josh and take us out for dinner. However, he mentioned to Eileen that the baby sitter was coming to play and she spilled the beans as Frank was leaving. It was still sweet." – Shari Armstrong

"This past October was our 10th anniversary and we've never been happy with our wedding photos. Ryan is now a professional wedding photographer (which he wasn't then) and he said he wanted to take photos of me in my wedding dress. I thought we were just doing photos of me, but he showed up at my office at the church wearing a tuxedo and holding a rose and had a friend of ours come and help him "retake" our wedding photos. He even made me an album like he does for his clients. So romantic!" – Glynis Becker

"Romance doesn't figure highly for me in our marriage. Not traditional romance, anyway. The one personal attribute that romanticises my life the most is when my husband is kind - whether that is to me, our children, animals, or anyone in his path - and that's better than any date. The big thing that keeps my 'romance' alive is my relationship with Jesus - if I expect my husband to meet my needs, then it's guaranteed to be a really bad day!" – Christine Miles




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