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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Deline Tan
Website: www.delinewriterscorner.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 54

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I count it a privilege to be a writer. The craft of writing is such a powerful tool, that it can change the cause of humanity and mankind. I am so glad that my PAPA-GOD gave me this gift of writing, to advance His Kingdom and do His will. I want to be able to use the craft of writing to share His love and manifold blessings with many. It's awesome when God has our palm written in His hand. I've written articles which include topics like Family, Health, Food and Nutrition, Sports, Personality Profile, Relationships, and others. I hope to be a prolific writer, and be a good steward for His glory.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/24/10 Be Ready In Season And Out Of Season 596 For Sale
01/04/10 Count the Cost 412 Free to Share
12/05/09 Be Angry but do not Sin 381 Free to Share
11/21/09 Are we Conquered by our Emotions? 490 Free to Share
11/16/09 The Different Seasons of your Life 882 Free to Share
10/30/09 Dying to Self 329 Free to Share
10/25/09 A Man After My Own Heart 407 Free to Share
10/25/09 How to be in the Heavenly Places 432 Free to Share
09/20/09 The Destiny of God 579 Free to Share
08/05/09 Intimacy With God 369 Free to Share
07/04/09 In This Last Days 440 Free to Share
06/13/09 Be Like Jesus 364 Free to Share
05/23/09 The Glory of the Heavenly Home 342 Free to Share
05/04/09 Exercising Spiritual Gifts 455 Free to Share
05/01/09 Pride and Stubbornness It Is Deadly 1789 Free to Share
04/16/09 Where is Wisdom? 368 Free to Share
03/30/09 Our Heart's Desire 461 Free to Share
03/24/09 Seek Him while He may be Found 826 Free to Share
05/19/08 Walking In Your Destiny 1390 For Sale
05/19/08 In This Last Days 500 For Sale
05/04/08 Are You Running Away From Him? 538 Free to Share
05/03/08 The Satisfaction of Work 452 Free to Share
09/19/07 Faith and Healing by Hearing 593 For Sale
12/12/06 Is Your Life Revived 624 Free to Share
12/05/06 God Is Love 739 Free to Share
11/24/06 Do We Strive To Be Like Jesus? 1791 For Sale
11/23/06 God's Blessing 1167 Not For Sale
11/21/06 Suffering, The Way of the Cross 929 For Sale
11/19/06 How To Be In God's Presence 1144 For Sale
11/17/06 Your Prayer Life 662 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/13/09 Be An Overcomer
01/25/06 A Little Space
01/16/06 She Left Home
01/04/06 Escaping Ourselves
03/19/05 The Key To Leadership
03/03/05 Are You Willing To Pay The Price?
02/15/05 If Only She Would Care
01/11/05 Which 'First' Did You Choose

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/01/08 Are You Running Your Race
04/30/08 Be Like Jesus
11/30/06 Seeking Things that are Above
03/01/06 A Way God Speaks To You Through Journaling
02/04/06 Discover Your Writing Talent Now
07/02/05 The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength
05/29/05 Salvation Through Jesus
05/24/05 Missions: Count The Cost
05/22/05 How To Be A Good Writer

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