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Name: Karen Jimmy
Website: www.desertstogardens.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 41

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At three I wanted to be famous...at seven I put together my first publication, dedicated to Princess Diana, called "My Idol: Princess Diana"...at 10 I told mt friend I wanted to be a missionary...at 16 I told another friend I wanted to be a missionary martyr...at 22 I became a missionary, but not a martyr... these days, I'm a wife and mother of two wonderful kids- Zion and Abraham (in my spare time); every other possible waking moment is spent in one creative endeavour or another. I'm working on 2 novels and a compilation of short stories and anecdotes and a couple of devotional sort of compilations. I host a usually-weekly gathering in my home we call "ancient paths" (as in, "stand at the crossroads...ask for the ancient paths..." from jeremiah). we share lunch together and explore the ideas of faith and spirituality in a postmodern context. and we play music. and we draw pictures. which is all part of the exploration, really! That's enough for now, I think.
Article Archives
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09/06/06 A Passion and a Purpose A Reflection on the Life of Steve Irwin 635 Free to Share
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06/23/05 Pages from My Diary Too June 2005 625 Not For Sale
06/23/05 Pages from My Diary or Nothing Much Else Written This Month 568 Not For Sale
06/06/05 Bonnie and Clyde Go To Bali 1285 Not For Sale
02/14/05 The Squid and the Starfish 1375 Not For Sale
02/06/05 The Marooned Man 654 Not For Sale
02/03/05 The Point About Morality 706 For Sale
02/03/05 SEARCHING FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT...Donald Miller 1199 Free to Share
01/26/05 Faith 709 For Sale
11/16/04 I Dream 774 For Sale
11/16/04 Serving Notice 730 For Sale
11/15/04 My Bali 1122 For Sale
11/15/04 Simple Things 621 For Sale
11/15/04 For My Child Yet to Be 676 For Sale
11/15/04 Every Time 649 For Sale
11/15/04 Dearly Loved 731 For Sale
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Date Title

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