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Name: Desert Rose
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one of many who sit at Jesus's feet. I am taking off my name and will use another. I am just a simple bondservant of Christ Jesus. The things I write are not from me, but from what I hear when I listen to Him. I am not always the best listener, so please forgive me, when I make mistakes. He uses my flaws to keep me humble and to let others not get distracted by me, but to stay focused on Him. Do not let my words influence you without checking first with the Word of God. My goal in life is to try to be a better lamp for His light. My hope is that all will seek out the gift of the Holy Spirit and will be made new in Him and get all their needs fulfilled by Him and not by anyone or anything else. Then we will be finally free to Love each other without any conditions as the Lord commanded us to do.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/01/06 Choosing Sacrificial Love 329 Free to Share
11/01/06 The Harvest Is Great And The Workers Are Few 364 Free to Share
10/17/06 Jesus Saved You, But He Did Not Save Your Treasures 684 Free to Share
10/15/06 The King Nobody Wanted, A Very Short Version Of A Very Long Tale 522 Free to Share
10/14/06 Children of God or Children of the World? 493 Free to Share
10/14/06 We Had Everything We Wanted In The Garden Of Eden, Except For One Thing 485 Free to Share
10/13/06 Have You Made Peace With Your Creator And Have You Decided Where You Want To Spend Eternity? 584 Free to Share
10/01/06 Bibles For The World and How To Get Them Out There 543 Free to Share
10/01/06 Living Life On Purpose 388 Free to Share
09/30/06 What Would You Recommend To A Person That Is Not Allowed To Read The Bible? 452 Free to Share
09/30/06 Where Would You Be If Were Unable To Read Or Listen To Your Bible? 481 Free to Share
09/16/06 Why Did I Read The Koran (Quran)? 545 Free to Share
09/02/06 Did You Steal God’s Glory Today? I Know That I Did 373 Free to Share
09/02/06 The Food Is Terrible There, A Report On Earth, From An Angel 382 Free to Share
08/13/06 The Mistakes I Made In The Article ‘But Lord, I Can’t Get Through THAT Eye Of A Needle’ 390 Free to Share
08/07/06 What Is The Monster That Is Killing The Faith Of God's People? 388 Free to Share
06/11/06 Did I Marry The Right Man? 456 Free to Share
06/07/06 So the secret is out. What are you going to do with this secret? 374 Free to Share
06/03/06 Did You Ask God In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus And Not Receive? 447 Free to Share
05/30/06 Is There A Secret Passageway To A Woman's Heart? 508 Free to Share
05/28/06 Have You Found Your Joy Yet? 506 Free to Share
05/28/06 Do You Talk To Yourself? 573 Free to Share
05/28/06 Would You Do It For Jesus? 432 Free to Share
04/29/06 Does It Really Matter What Animal The Behemoth Is? 587 Free to Share
04/29/06 Did It Really Take God Six Of Our Solar Days To Create The Universe? 780 Free to Share
03/21/06 God In A Math Lesson 516 Free to Share
03/13/06 Good News, Bad News 413 Free to Share
02/08/06 1 + 1 + 1 does not equal 1 1309 Free to Share
02/08/06 Has Man’s Love For Sex Made Him Blind? 680 Free to Share
01/21/06 Love Is Friendship On Fire 4004 Free to Share
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09/26/04 Climb Every Mountain
09/01/04 Graduation Night on Novocain
08/28/04 Pride Keeps Us From Life's Lessons From God

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