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Name: Teresa Lee Rainey
Website: www.teresaleerainey.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 54

 About Self
Teresa Lee Rainey is a wife and mom who enjoys writing in her spare time. It is her desire to write for the honor of Jesus Christ and she humbly prays that those who read her writings will be able to see God's hand at work in them. Personal Message: I came across Faithwriters unintentionally in August of 2004. I am so thankful that I did. This site has truly been a blessing to me.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/13/09 Her Heaven on Earth 558 Not For Sale
12/04/08 Scribbling in the Sand 519 Not For Sale
11/19/08 This Is War 573 Not For Sale
10/31/08 Lord, Where Have You Sent Us? 535 Not For Sale
11/30/06 Walking to a Worthwhile Afternoon 978 Not For Sale
11/17/06 Baseball Days Bring Me Down 1273 Free to Share
11/16/06 Speaking of Love 930 Not For Sale
11/16/06 Treasure Seeker 880 Free to Share
11/10/06 My News Are In His Hands 1031 Free to Share
11/10/06 A Heartfelt Christmas 1465 Free to Share
02/02/05 Vain Religion, Who Me? 1144 Not For Sale
11/08/04 Portrait of Change 990 Not For Sale
10/20/04 My ADHD Blues 1452 Not For Sale
10/17/04 Cry of a Perfectionist's Child 1232 Not For Sale
10/01/04 My Lesson In Ability 950 Not For Sale
09/21/04 We Can Make A Difference (book review) 1130 Not For Sale
09/16/04 I Should Be A Cowboy 1037 Free to Share
09/14/04 Excuses for Flirtation? 1077 Not For Sale
09/11/04 Demon Lions Whisper Doom 1238 Free to Share
09/03/04 Jr Hypochondriac 1712 Not For Sale
08/28/04 My Chaotic Life 1108 Not For Sale
08/27/04 FOREKNOWN AND PREDESTINED 1105 Free to Share
08/18/04 FEAR 987 Not For Sale
08/14/04 Childlike Faith 1148 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/25/10 The Serpentís Assault
10/14/09 Blue Skies Cover Me
10/04/09 Sarah's Diary
03/18/09 Single-Paged Treasure
02/04/09 The Tale of Jean Dubroise
01/28/09 Beauty's in the Eyes of the Beholder
01/19/09 A Few Kangaroos Loose in the Top Paddock
01/09/09 Burning for a New Beginning
12/08/08 A Christmas for Christ
12/03/08 Can't He Wait For Mercy?
11/21/08 One Silent, Wintry Night
11/16/08 Weren't No Christmas Like 1979
11/10/08 Merry Yankee-Doodle Christmas
11/05/08 Light A Candle
11/21/06 Adopte Three Times?
11/15/06 Waves of Reflection
12/07/04 A Dream Come True
12/03/04 Snow Blessings
11/12/04 Bitter Breakfast
10/21/04 Time to Heal
10/12/04 I'm Not Satisfied
10/07/04 From Tragedy to Triumph
09/28/04 Preacher Man
09/26/04 Un-Captured Beauty
09/17/04 Deep Muddy Water Holes
09/10/04 Ah, Nebraska
09/02/04 Graduation Nightmare
08/24/04 Bed of Roses
08/17/04 Lovers of Pleasure
08/12/04 Good Night

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
12/11/08 This Is War
12/11/08 Can't He Wait For Mercy?
12/11/08 Walking to a Worthwhile Afternoon

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/08/2009 My 'News' Are In His Hands
12/30/2008 Demon Lions Whisper Doom
12/28/2008 I Should Be a Cowboy
12/22/2008 Foreknown & Predestined
12/20/2008 Childlike Faith
12/09/2008 A Heartfelt Christmas
12/09/2008 Treasure Seeker