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Name: Margery Wolfe
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My name is Margery Wolfe-Johnson. I am a single 55 year old Christian woman that Loves the Lord with my whole heart, mind, soul, and body. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am the mother of five sons, two of which is deceased. Both was murdered. After almost ten years of going through marriage, separation, divorce and remarriage, accepting the deaths of two of my sons, my husband being murdered, my stepson who was also my son being murdered, being investigated as the wife for his murder by the EBR Sheriff office, going through surgery on my right shoulder for a torn rotator cuff, then having to file bankruptcy because I was off from work months longer than I was suppose to be and my leave had been exhausted. My anger with God after my Husband was murdered is what encouraged me to pen my experiences, my pain and hurts and how I found a more deeper enriched personal relationship with God. I originally thought that I knew him in all of his glory, but I found out that I really did not know God at all. I had no one to depend upon for survival but God. Doing the time that I was in the midst of all those things, I was also homeless with no where to go. I just did not want any more pain so it was many things I avoided doing this time and that included my family. The thought of being rejected by them was too tormenting to think about, less alone put myself in that situation. God inspired me to find peace through my writing as he ministered to me. God said "Margery I am going to teach you all you need to know of me to live in this world as my child. At 12:00 midnight every night I spent a lot of time praying, studying, writing and interceeding for whatever the Lord laid in my spirit. I thought that this was the worse time of my life but I found out that it was the most precious time of my life. If I had died when my husband died, I would have went to Hell. I really sought out my God and he really came alive in my heart the more. He cleaned up my mind, heart, soul, body, and spirit. I love him dearly and he is the lover of my soul. God I Love You. I am now homeless in 2010, alone again and jobless. I fell down at work on February 12, 2007 and sustained a very hard fall that hurt my head, left shoulder, back, neck, both legs, both arms, left knee, left hip and left ankle. I also hurt my stomach and face. I broke my glasses and a tooth. It hasn't been easy these last three years and the pain in my body has been great. I yet remain in pain in my left shoulder after surgery on the rotator cuff. It does not feel like anything was done to it; as it hurt just like it hurt before surgery. My back has ruptured discs in it at the C4-5 and C5-6 levels and the S5-6 levels in the lower back. My neck hurts and my stomach still swells up. I cannot use the computer to type like I use to and when I do it is done by laying across the bed. My new grandchildren born over the last three years have suffered the lost of their grandmothers attentions because she cant handle or play with them, they like to be held but they are heavy. I am not able to take them places as I did in the past with the other four grandchildren. My husband took very good care of me the last year and I thank God for him because it was some very crucial moments that I do not know what I would have done had it not been for Eric. In sickness and health has a new meaning to it for me. Being one has new meaning to me. Our whole relationship, friendship and love we share is special. No matter that Eric left me with only a promise that I would wait on him. I did so for him for eighteen (18) months. I waited and waited only to be asked for a divorce. Now I am retired disable because I cannot work per my job of the last 27 years. I was not prepared to be retired, nor did I want to. God knows though and we are going to go on in the Lord. My fellowship has been broken with my church of the last ten years. One moment in life can change your life forever. God bless and hold on to God no matter what you go through. In the last month October to November my uncle that I was close to died of lung cancer, my Pastor died at 96 years old, my son and a dear friend was murdered, and my brother in law died of cancer. But one thing for sure, if I know nothing else is that God loves me and He will never leave me or forsake me. God promised that He would always make a way for me and He has all of my life.
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