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Name: Dale Birdsong
Website: www.anointedgifts.net
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Articles written: 38

 About Self
[b.] August 21, 1963; Bastrop, LA; [p.]John & Sara [ed.] B.A., Liberal Arts, Southern University; [occ.] Business Owner[pers.] My inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit. I strive to please God. Through prayer, God has given me hundreds of inspirational writings which include books, poetry, skits, plays, speeches and visions. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I have written, produced and directed several Christian plays. I was led to start Anointed Gifts and Services in 2002 with the purpose of feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, helping the poor and clothing the naked. The best feeling comes when we allow God to use us for His glory. My desire is to continue using my gift for the Lord. I was laid off of my corporate job on July 1, 2010. I am walking on water like Peter, trusting God to lead and guide me. It's a day to day adventure with the Lord. God is with me. The Joy of the Lord is my strength. The Word is my sword. I know that God is true to His word. I prayed to be in the center of His will. This is the life I chose and I'm thankful to God for it. He is the author and finisher of my faith.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/02/14 Today 100 Free to Share
04/22/11 I am a Survivor 303 Not For Sale
12/22/10 No Greater Love 235 Free to Share
10/04/10 Is your house built on a solid foundation or sinking sand? 626 Free to Share
10/04/10 Do You Love God 295 Free to Share
10/04/10 Do you believe? My Story of hope, encouragement and faith 460 Free to Share
12/20/09 The Bone 374 Free to Share
11/23/09 Live Today 274 Free to Share
11/09/09 LIfe is Beautiful 305 Free to Share
09/02/09 The Good News 327 Free to Share
09/02/09 The Vision 317 Free to Share
08/23/09 Reflections 332 Free to Share
08/08/09 The Light of the World 436 Free to Share
07/24/09 Know that it's true 291 Free to Share
05/15/09 Glorify Him 360 Free to Share
09/03/07 Everyday is Christmas 352 Free to Share
08/12/07 Stop and Pray 422 Free to Share
07/29/07 Racism is Satan's Game 612 Free to Share
01/08/07 Testimony 744 Free to Share
01/08/07 Christianity sure ain't what it use to be 543 Free to Share
10/04/06 He Said He would do it and He did 659 Free to Share
10/12/05 Can't you see I've Change 2615 For Sale
10/09/05 A WORD FROM GOD DATED SEPTEMBER 25 2005 1199 Free to Share
04/17/05 The Catcher's Mitt 585 Free to Share
12/28/04 Choices 472 Free to Share
12/28/04 A Father Is 467 For Sale
12/28/04 He is always there 626 For Sale
12/28/04 A teacher is 494 For Sale
12/28/04 A Baby Is 620 For Sale
12/28/04 The Real Thing 431 Free to Share
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