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Name: Al Boyce
Website: www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=7907
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Articles written: 201

 About Self
Al Boyce was a writer and editor for The Associated Press for 14 years before joining the "dark side" of public relations, then skipping into technology services. His writing of late has been confined to Christian music, but he is feeling a nudge from God to find other ways to use the written word for His kingdom. All the songs he has written and recorded are available at: http://www.soundclick.com/alanboyce
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/02/06 Joy Is BenGay In Your Shorts 1246 Free to Share
05/01/06 Throwing Rocks with Kyle 979 Free to Share
03/29/06 The End of the Day 1133 Free to Share
03/29/06 Help Desk 945 Free to Share
03/29/06 From the Bottom of the Cliff 842 Free to Share
03/28/06 Scribbling in the Margins 760 Free to Share
03/28/06 Walking the Dog 725 Free to Share
03/28/06 Legalized LawBreaking 741 Free to Share
02/01/06 Christian Burnout 2796 Free to Share
01/23/06 What's Your Sign and Other Homeless Analogies 1560 Free to Share
12/19/05 When the Chips are Down 1169 Free to Share
11/28/05 Universal Donor 682 Free to Share
11/14/05 Singing God's Praises 636 Free to Share
11/07/05 Vapor in the Wind 726 Free to Share
10/18/05 The Greenhouse Effect 654 Free to Share
10/18/05 Room Service For the Least of These 748 Free to Share
10/18/05 A Different Kind of Cruise 677 Free to Share
09/13/05 Writing in the Spirit 760 Free to Share
09/13/05 Postcards from the Road to Heaven and Hell 624 Free to Share
08/09/05 Do You Have Anything to Declare 878 Free to Share
08/09/05 Highway to Heaven 545 Free to Share
07/28/05 Seeing God 1853 Free to Share
07/19/05 Hiking in the Spirit 488 Free to Share
07/15/05 Christian Accountability 3327 Free to Share
07/12/05 The Beach was a Sandbar 744 Free to Share
07/07/05 Godly Partnership 692 Free to Share
06/09/05 The Church of the 19th Green 740 Free to Share
04/08/05 A Retirement Plan for the Ages 591 Free to Share
03/31/05 Through God's Eyes 725 Free to Share
03/30/05 Spiritual Springtime 617 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
03/17/09 Kingdom in our Midst
08/20/08 Charade of Faith
02/22/08 When God Speaks Volumes
12/06/07 Cleaning Up The Church
12/05/07 Our Father's House
11/29/07 I Give -- Up!
11/18/07 Polishing the Pulpit
11/06/07 Evangelizing the Roots
10/31/07 Sunday's Cool
10/23/07 Fire in the Hole
10/16/07 Hold the Light
10/05/07 More Than a Song
09/13/07 Sam and the Samaritan
09/07/07 Be the Cross
08/30/07 To Boldly Go (i)
06/08/07 To Rock and Not to Roll
06/04/07 Light in the Darkness
05/24/07 The Ultimate Conspirator
05/17/07 Gift 'Rappin' for Father's Day
05/10/07 Mensch in Black
05/07/07 Just Around the Corner from Somthing Big
04/27/07 The Feel of a Vision
04/23/07 Desires Redeemed
04/13/07 Spam of God
04/10/07 Corpus Delecti
03/13/07 Preaching to the Choir
03/07/07 Sermon on the Mall
02/27/07 Fashion Risk
02/16/07 Most Valuable Pray-er?
02/01/07 Plumbing the Depths
01/10/07 Chicken Divine
12/07/06 Unlikely Hero
10/19/06 Cheering from the Sidelinees
08/16/06 Ascent from the Valley
08/01/06 Workplace Warrior!
07/24/06 Walking in the Light
07/18/06 Filet of Soul
06/19/06 We Are Not Alone
06/14/06 Garbage In, Garbage Out
06/06/06 Unworldly Peace
05/26/06 Purposefulnessicity
05/19/06 Joy Is BenGay In Your Shorts
05/18/06 The Fields of Zimbabwe
05/11/06 By Faith, Not Hope
04/07/06 Back Order
02/22/06 Help Desk
02/19/06 The End of the Day (ii)
02/07/06 Legalized Law-Breaking
01/31/06 Walking the Dog
01/23/06 Scribbling in the Margins
01/13/06 Home Away from Home (i)
11/15/05 A Matter of Inclination
11/09/05 The Gate Called Beautiful
11/04/05 Singing God's Praises
10/25/05 Vapor in the Wind
10/18/05 Let it Rain
10/05/05 The Greenhouse Effect
09/13/05 God's Shady Rest
09/05/05 Any Port in a Storm
08/29/05 Postcards from the Fringe
08/15/05 Anatomy of a Challenge Entry
08/08/05 Glory's Overlook
08/01/05 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
07/25/05 Do You Have Anything To Declare?
07/20/05 Highway to Heaven
07/12/05 Hiking in the Spirit
07/06/05 A Beach of No Retreat
01/26/05 Anger - A "Hulking" Problem
01/17/05 Desire - The Case of the Broken "Wannas"
01/12/05 TGIF -- First Things First
12/08/04 Stalker -- Romancing the Stone
12/01/04 Blessings Counted with Higher Math
11/23/04 Fraternity and the Fatted Calf
11/21/04 Carpetbagger Christians
11/09/04 Hunger No More
10/29/04 The "I" of the Needle
10/19/04 He Laughs
10/11/04 Rats without a Parachute
10/06/04 Tear Tracks
09/27/04 God's Smiley Face
09/21/04 Prayerful Peaks
09/13/04 Faith Unleashed
09/07/04 Let the Rains Come
08/30/04 Every Day is Graduation Day
08/23/04 A Study in Contrasts
08/16/04 Take Two Tablets (and call me in the morning)
08/09/04 Cause and Effect
08/07/04 The Prom and the Promised Land
07/27/04 Open Book Test
07/23/04 We Were So Small

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
02/14/07 Life's Truths: Is that Broccoli in Your Milk?
02/14/07 Hiking in the Spirit
02/14/07 My Favorite Sins
08/29/06 Screwtape's Email
08/22/06 Stalker
08/22/06 Whitewashing a Revival

Date Title
11/29/07 The Examined Life

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
07/16/2009 Stockholm Syndrome by Derek Webb
04/02/2009 Easter Miracles
12/04/2008 Revolutionary Resolution God's Word in 2009
10/07/2007 You Want Fries With That Serotonin
06/26/2007 To Rock and Not Roll
05/18/2007 The Feel of a Vision
05/09/2007 Desires Redeemed
05/09/2007 Living on the Leftovers
03/22/2007 Preaching to the Choir
03/19/2007 Can You Hear Me Now?
03/15/2007 Sermon on the Mall
03/14/2007 Postcards from the Roads to Heaven and Hell
03/14/2007 Room Service for the Least of These
03/14/2007 Universal Donor
03/14/2007 What's Your Sign?
03/14/2007 We Are Not Alone
03/14/2007 Most Valuable Pray-er
03/14/2007 Fashion Risk
02/17/2007 Legal Lawbreaking
02/14/2007 Life's Truths: Is that Broccoli in Your Milk?
02/06/2007 Highway to Heaven
02/06/2007 Godly Retirement
02/06/2007 The Parable of the PC
02/06/2007 The Church of the 19th Green
02/06/2007 Cheering from the Sidelines
02/06/2007 Garbage In, Garbage Out
02/06/2007 Joy is BenGay in Your Shorts
02/06/2007 Help Desk
02/06/2007 Seeing God
02/06/2007 Romancing the Heart of Stone
02/06/2007 Evil and the Armor of God
02/06/2007 Christian Music - A Sanctifying Influence
02/06/2007 And Every Tongue Shall Wag -- Christians and Gossip
02/06/2007 Derek Webb -- The House Show
02/06/2007 Who Moved My Jesus?
09/27/2006 Greenhouse Effect
09/20/2006 Hiking in the Spirit
09/20/2006 Whitewashing a Revival