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Name: Mary Elder-Criss
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Articles written: 92

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I am a 50 year old mother of 3 children, aged 29, 22, and 18. I am a full time primitive artist, a mother, a daughter, wife, and sister. I write occasionally as God gives me words to encourage others.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/02/14 Perfection Revealed 154 For Sale
12/27/13 The Season of the Empty Nest 135 For Sale
08/17/05 Leftover Jesus 882 For Sale
07/31/05 Harvesting Souls 730 For Sale
06/13/05 Husbandry Blues 723 For Sale
02/07/05 My Hero Wore Camo 721 For Sale
10/19/04 Love...Free to Good Home 801 For Sale
09/23/04 Sacrifice, Selfishness and Servanthood--WONDERMOM UNCAPED 813 For Sale
08/05/04 The Silence 919 For Sale
06/25/04 The Bitter Stick 858 For Sale
06/23/04 Are You Ever Going to Finish This? 882 For Sale
06/05/04 Removing the Bushel 733 For Sale
06/05/04 Just Passing Through 777 For Sale
06/05/04 Rooted in Faith--Withstanding the Weedeater Attacks 923 For Sale
05/11/04 When God Whispers 899 For Sale
03/30/04 What's in Your Hand? 790 For Sale
02/19/04 Words of Success 841 For Sale
01/14/04 Erin's Song 837 Not For Sale
12/10/03 His Love Holds Me 1305 For Sale
11/19/03 In the Face of it All 1122 Not For Sale
11/09/03 The One Who Calms Life's Storms 935 For Sale
11/06/03 Worthy of Suffering 1182 For Sale
10/27/03 Finding Rest 894 For Sale
10/19/03 Changed 1046 For Sale
10/10/03 OCCUPATION: MOM 1120 Free to Share
09/27/03 At the Master's Feet 1004 For Sale
09/21/03 Compassion, Not Condemnation 1185 For Sale
09/14/03 The Story 977 For Sale
09/07/03 Imagining the Impossible? 956 For Sale
09/04/03 Questions Without Answers? 1146 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/23/05 Forty Going on Fourteen
11/28/04 Out of the Darkness
11/20/04 Rejected Blood
11/06/04 Insulting the Sacrifice
10/27/04 I Should Have Just Climbed the Rope
10/22/04 Transforming Prunes
10/13/04 God, Mick and Me
09/29/04 Is it Worth the Cost?
09/18/04 Going to the Dogs
09/10/04 Puddles of Blessing
08/24/04 Confessions of a Perfectionist
08/22/04 Just for Today, God
08/11/04 The Gosh-Awful, Horrifying, Hateful, Make Your Hair Stand on End, Cursed, Detestable, Life Threatening, Triple Dog Dare
07/30/04 Making the Grade
07/17/04 Once Again the Student
07/07/04 Away From the Crowd
07/02/04 Overcoming the Classroom Terrors
06/17/04 Rest? You Gotta be Kidding!
06/08/04 Just Keep Casting
06/02/04 Are You Ever Going to Finish This?
05/27/04 Removing the Bushel
05/20/04 Just Passing Through
04/21/04 Promises Fulfilled--A Labor of Love
03/20/04 Harmonys Dance
03/10/04 A Worthy Hero
03/07/04 Battling Failure
02/23/04 Greenhouse Disciples
02/15/04 Words of Wisdom From an Absent-Minded Fish
02/06/04 Unclear Directions?
01/28/04 Bedtime Whispers
01/22/04 Can You Give Me a Hint?
01/13/04 Accepting Acceptance
01/07/04 Label Makers
12/29/03 Resolving to Remember
12/23/03 Service With a Smile?
12/18/03 Buried Treasures
12/10/03 A Season of Hope
12/08/03 A Season of Hope

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
08/14/05 Leftover Jesus?
12/09/04 My Fair Share (revised)
11/22/04 My Fair Share

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