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Name: Lynda Lee Schab 
Website: www.lyndaschab.com
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Articles written: 139

 About Self
I am a full time freelance writer and published author of The Madi Series. Mind over Madi and Madily in Love, the first two titles of this 3-book series, are available in print and on Kindle, and can be purchased from all booksellers around the country, as well as online (Amazon, B&N, CBD). I am a regular monthly book reviewer for FaithfulReader.com, and also work behind the scenes here at FaithWriters. In addition, I am the National Christian Writing Examiner and Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner for Examiner.com. Read my complete bio and connect with me on my website and blog. I provide editing services and would love to offer you a quote. I have also written an ebook, THIS LITTLE WRITER WENT TO MARKET, with lots of great information and links on making money with your writing - in greeting cards, magazines, anthologies, and online opportunities. My book is available in the FaithWriters ebook store and on Amazon.com for only $1.99
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/14/14 The Track to Traditional Publishing 818 Not For Sale
01/24/09 Why I Love FaithWriters 1050 Free to Share
11/04/07 A Bun Dance 1454 For Sale
07/31/07 It Snot Funny 1251 For Sale
02/22/06 The Fruitcake Conspiracy 1187 For Sale
02/22/06 Timeless Beauty 1564 For Sale
11/09/05 The Perfect Campsite 1656 For Sale
11/09/05 Funnel of Fear 1477 For Sale
08/15/05 AppreSHEation Please 1430 For Sale
06/01/05 Stepping Forward 1101 For Sale
06/01/05 WANT ADS 1238 For Sale
06/01/05 Let the Legacy Live On 1183 For Sale
03/25/05 Bad Prayer Day? 1689 For Sale
03/15/05 The Naughty List 1248 For Sale
03/15/05 If I could Turn Back Time 1761 For Sale
02/03/05 Lessons From An Angelic Saint (Ha!) 1282 For Sale
02/03/05 Resting is No accident! 1215 For Sale
09/08/04 Sink or Swim 1681 For Sale
08/20/04 Lessons In Laughter 1707 For Sale
08/15/04 Scaredy Cat 1546 For Sale
08/13/04 Boys Will Be Boys 1341 For Sale
07/26/04 Three Strikes and You're Saved! 1465 For Sale
07/15/04 Teaching, in the Technical Sense 1222 For Sale
07/10/04 Uses for a Wooden Spoon #73 1545 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
07/16/09 The Summertime Einstein Escapade
07/07/09 No Regrets
04/29/09 Karate Chops and Feathers
04/07/09 Disordered Days
12/04/08 It's His Party and He'll Cry if He Wants To
10/16/08 A Job Well Done (or not)
10/08/08 A Night So Holy
09/03/08 Chat Night
08/27/08 Love is (not so) Patient
07/27/08 Disturbed
07/21/08 Hello...Goodbye...
05/18/08 Little Miss M...the Rest of the Story
03/13/08 A Name is NOT just a Name
03/05/08 Letting Go and Letting God
12/06/07 Modern Day Martha and Mary
11/20/07 Faith Not Forgotten
09/20/07 Big, Bad Mr. Bunkly
09/03/07 Unleashed
08/29/07 The Intruder
08/19/07 A Name is just a Name
08/07/07 Sins of the Father...
07/31/07 Sad, Like Pinocchio
07/25/07 One Friday Night...
07/19/07 HAPPY CAMPER!
05/29/07 A Day in the Life...
05/23/07 The Bug Book (Dr. Seuss Style)
04/25/07 Swept off my Feet
02/07/07 Diemos and Hektor's Unexcellent Adventure
12/14/06 A Hero's Legacy
11/29/06 Escape to a Nasty Broom Closet
11/21/06 Who's Your Daddy?
11/15/06 And Then There Was Sven...
11/05/06 ON-CALL
10/28/06 The Writing on the Wall
10/23/06 Ethan's Calling
10/15/06 BUSTED!
10/11/06 Time to Hand Over the Glass
09/10/06 From Ear to Eternity in the Garden
09/03/06 A River Runs Through It
08/28/06 God Doesn't Wear Earplugs (but sometimes I do)
08/22/06 It Should Have Been...
08/14/06 Valley of the Dolls
08/06/06 A Vision and a Vow
07/31/06 Hooker, Line and Sinker
07/23/06 Through the Valley
07/18/06 SOUL PATROL
07/13/06 A Time to Shine
06/14/06 From the Alley to Abundance
06/07/06 In the Mind of Sharon
05/28/06 A Purpose Driven Wife
05/24/06 What Bobby McGee Taught Me
05/18/06 Who Wants to be a Prosperity-Heir?
05/09/06 Hope for Fanny Hinklebinder
05/02/06 A Mother's Love
04/23/06 A New Tomorrow
04/11/06 Mary's Motherhood Ponderings
03/06/06 Hovering Over the Knob
02/26/06 My Computer Problem
02/19/06 The End of Amy
02/11/06 Broken but not Shattered
02/04/06 Bladder Vs. Madder Control
01/27/06 INVASION!
01/14/06 The Prowler
01/08/06 Escape From Aisle 7
11/21/05 Snowments in Time
11/13/05 Timeless Beauty
10/30/05 The Smell of a Cover Up
10/21/05 Healing Rain
10/15/05 The Fruitcake Conspiracy
10/09/05 Brighter Daysees
09/16/05 Bug-Eyed Witness
09/10/05 Pocket Trash
08/19/05 Hope For Sammy
08/10/05 Not By Sight
08/01/05 Desperate Retreat
07/19/05 Funnel of Fear
07/15/05 The Perfect Campsite
07/10/05 THE LIFEGUARD (ii)
06/10/05 The Meeting
05/26/05 Lucy's Birthday Tears
05/21/05 A Fine Chocolate Line
05/15/05 Tiny Bubbles
05/08/05 Stepping Forward
05/01/05 Gift Rejected
04/21/05 THE little THINGS
04/07/05 WANT ADS
03/19/05 Modern Day Moses
03/10/05 Grandma, Give Me That Fix... Or Else!
03/06/05 Let the Legacy Live On!
02/22/05 The Asprin's Just Not Working!
02/18/05 Time After Time
02/12/05 A Tale of Two Smittys
01/30/05 Anger's Sting
01/21/05 The Naughty List
12/03/04 Suited For Blessing
11/22/04 Commotion in the heavens
11/08/04 Trust and Obey
11/04/04 Check your words with your coat at the door
10/30/04 Wake up and Smell the Food!
10/22/04 Lisa's Laughter
10/07/04 No Weapon Formed Against Me Will Prosper
09/30/04 That's Not In My Job Description!
09/16/04 Flushed But Not Forgotten
09/09/04 The Rain Book - Dr. Suess Style
09/01/04 Free Indeed!
08/24/04 Set the Toilet Paper Free
08/17/04 People Who Break Rules Are Fools
08/02/04 The PROMise
07/26/04 Student-Teacher Conference
07/19/04 Be afraid...be very afraid...
07/13/04 Lessons From An Angelic Saint (Ha!)
06/30/04 Bittersweet Beginnings
06/11/04 Hook 'em, then set 'em free!
06/04/04 Bittersweet Beginnings

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
02/06/13 This Little Writer Went to Market
08/24/12 Writing is Not for Wimps!

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/17/2007 From Ear to Eternity in the Garden
02/17/2007 SOUL PATROL
02/16/2007 Escape From Aisle 7
02/16/2007 Escape to a Nasty Broom Closet
09/30/2006 Wake up and Smell the Food!
09/30/2006 Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid