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Name: Lynne Gaunt
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Articles written: 53

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I am a physician's wife and Mom to two wonderful teenaged daughters. Until a year ago, I was working full time to support my family while my husband completed his medical training (12 LONG years of it). Now we have moved to a remote area in Colorado, and I am adjusting to being unemployed. I'm growing to like it more everyday. It gives me more time for the things I love. And I'm really enjoying exploring the world of writing. I have always been a writer, but my writing has been more technical in the past, I am now having fun with my more creative side. Hope you enjoy my stories and poems.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/23/05 Your Roots Are Showing 715 For Sale
05/23/05 Golden Boy 600 For Sale
05/23/05 You're On 542 For Sale
02/07/05 Mysteries Revealed 731 For Sale
02/07/05 Never the Same 692 For Sale
02/07/05 New Every Morning 639 For Sale
02/07/05 Breakfast on the Beach 812 For Sale
02/07/05 The Mask of Control 644 For Sale
02/07/05 Ain't No Better Promise 994 For Sale
02/07/05 A Tree, a Rope, and a Phone Call 634 For Sale
02/07/05 The Hands of Others 764 For Sale
02/07/05 The War of the Worms 668 For Sale
02/07/05 I Want What He Has! 711 For Sale
02/07/05 Starting Now. It's Time. 611 For Sale
02/07/05 Stirring the Pot 630 For Sale
02/07/05 White Haired Disciples 642 For Sale
02/07/05 Safe in the Rock 626 For Sale
02/07/05 While He Was Still a Long Way Off 651 For Sale
02/07/05 God Is So Good 836 For Sale
02/07/05 The Red Bucket 699 For Sale
02/07/05 Your Face Will I Seek 597 For Sale
02/07/05 If Mrs. Zebedee Kept a Diary 853 For Sale
12/01/04 Get to Know the Author 616 For Sale
12/01/04 Expecting... 731 For Sale
12/01/04 The Invasion 632 For Sale
09/13/04 Too Many Cooks 719 For Sale
08/20/04 Stones Made of Paper 746 For Sale
08/20/04 Realignment of the Heart 748 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
04/15/05 Your Roots Are Showing
03/06/05 Golden Boy?
02/26/05 You're On!
02/10/05 As Long as there are no Catastrophes...
02/03/05 A Ruthless Enemy
01/27/05 If Mrs. Zebedee kept a Diary
01/23/05 Your Face Will I Seek
11/14/04 The Red Bucket
10/26/04 God is So Good
09/29/04 While He was Still a Long Way Off
09/13/04 Safe in the Rock
08/26/04 White Haired Disciples
08/19/04 Stirring the Pot
08/15/04 Starting Now. It's Time.
08/05/04 I Want What he Has!
07/19/04 The War of the Worms
07/18/04 The Hands of Others
07/11/04 A Tree, a Rope, and a Phone Call
06/28/04 Ain't No Better Promise
06/16/04 The Mask of Control
06/13/04 Breakfast on the Beach
06/02/04 New Every Morning
05/28/04 Never the Same
05/20/04 Mysteries Revealed
05/14/04 Power - the Real Thing

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