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Name: Gert Strydom
Website: www.poetfreak.com/poet/GertStrydom
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Articles written: 38

 About Self
Gert Strydom was born in 1964 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He matriculated at Estcourt High School after which he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (B.B.A.) at Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, U.S.A.) and apart from being a poet and writer he is an accountant by profession. He was called up for compulsory national service in the South African defence force (SADF) for a period of two years during the time of the South African border / bush war and while following his profession was called up for several compulsory camps for several months as a member of the South African Citizen’s force and did partake in the National Colours Parade and in exercise Excalibur. His predilection for poetry was stimulated by his late father who read Afrikaans poetry aloud at times, as part of his postgraduate studies at the University of South Africa. While living in Pretoria he attended the poetry writing school at the House of Afrikaans Poetry under mentorship of Prof. Ian Raper, where the other poets especially Ian Raper, Rosa Smit, Mandi Engelbrecht, André (Francois) Viljoen, Luchie Möller, Karlien van der Merwe and Jan Lourens had a great influence on the sharpening of his abilities. © Copyright: Gert Strydom for all poems displayed on these web pages (Under South African law copyright exists for forty years from the date of publication.)
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/11/14 The wish to live on (cavatina sequence) 18 Not For Sale
08/19/14 Salome (Rubiyat sonnet) 30 Not For Sale
08/18/14 If I have to think God to be female (Sicilian septet) 31 Not For Sale
08/14/14 In the tempests of the world (stave stanza sestets) 27 Not For Sale
08/13/14 The world displays God’s great glory (septilla / Spanish septet) 33 Not For Sale
08/12/14 Going to church (septilla / Spanish septet) 38 Not For Sale
08/11/14 Life is not what it seem 28 Not For Sale
08/10/14 The tar road lays open 41 Not For Sale
08/07/14 O Captain! My Captain! 31 Not For Sale
08/07/14 As when in silent secrecy 37 Not For Sale
07/24/14 Caedmon 31 Not For Sale
07/24/14 Simeon 26 Not For Sale
07/24/14 Naboth’s vineyard 45 Not For Sale
07/22/14 Inferno 30 Not For Sale
07/21/14 How many times 31 Not For Sale
07/20/14 On the quay I am alone 50 Not For Sale
07/20/14 The destruction of Sodom (Tennyson-Turner sonnet) 39 Not For Sale
07/17/14 The child 35 Not For Sale
07/17/14 As a believing human being 33 Not For Sale
07/17/14 Sennacherib 42 Not For Sale
07/17/14 Where trees stand in the winter night as skeletons 33 Not For Sale
07/17/14 The old pastor 33 Not For Sale
07/16/14 The yearning for a higher being 35 Not For Sale
07/15/14 When the first human couple did fall 29 Not For Sale
07/15/14 I see God in the morning 30 Not For Sale
07/15/14 In some ways (Italian sonnet) 37 Not For Sale
07/15/14 The marketplace 27 Not For Sale
07/14/14 There is a Saviour 31 For Sale
07/14/14 We wonder 30 Not For Sale
07/14/14 When I look at the world around me 28 Not For Sale
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