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Name: Tonja Taylor 
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Articles written: 42

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Tonja K Taylor is a worshiper, teacher of the Word, author, and speaker. She is happily married to Clayton, a recent Bible college grad, and ministers with him in the Word and worship in their church, community, and wherever the LORD leads. Along with their daughter Victoria (17), they are excited to be part of what God is doing in the earth in these Last Days. Tonja has taught hundreds of children many subjects in faith-based and for-and non-profit organizations for over 30 years. Currently, she teaches children in various outreaches in the area, often sharing her original music and stories. Because she likes to write several things at a time, she is also completing a fiction series for 'tweens called THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R. GIRL!; THE RIGHTEOUS BRIDE; and other articles as the LORD leads. She joined FW for many reasons, one of which is accountability to complete the work the LORD has given her!
Article Archives
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11/25/14 Goldfish Don't Bark 11 Free to Share
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11/17/14 Dead to Sin and Alive to Christ 25 Free to Share
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11/13/14 The Simplicity of Christ 36 Free to Share
11/11/14 The Power of Saying Thank You 47 Free to Share
11/11/14 The Unlimited Power of Your Words 40 Free to Share
11/11/14 Prepare for Career Change With Interviews 25 Free to Share
11/10/14 How to Plant Sonflowers 44 Free to Share
11/10/14 Communion Means Remembering What Jesus Did 28 Free to Share
11/10/14 The Glory of God is All Around You 33 Free to Share
11/10/14 How to Walk in the Will of God previously published in Cfaith for kids 28 Free to Share
11/10/14 God Invented Families for His Glory! 37 Free to Share
11/09/14 See and BE the New You 35 Free to Share
11/08/14 Pity for the Angels 33 Free to Share
11/08/14 When I Go To Grandma and Grandpa's 39 Free to Share
11/06/14 Jesus' Christmas Tree for Missing Children 33 Free to Share
10/31/14 Blessing Your Kids Part Two 37 Free to Share
10/31/14 Blessing Your Kids Part Two 52 Free to Share
10/31/14 Blessing Your Kids, Part Three 48 Free to Share
10/28/14 Jesus Died Three Times 46 Free to Share
10/26/14 God's Gifts 60 Free to Share
10/25/14 From Stubborn to Successful 59 Free to Share
10/23/14 14 Reasons to Bless Israel 60 Free to Share
10/20/14 33 Things A Righteous Woman Does 55 Free to Share
10/14/14 Are You a Prince or Princess of POWER? 83 For Sale
10/10/14 7 Easy Ways to Bless Your Kids 62 Free to Share
08/01/14 How to Pray With Power 72 Free to Share
08/01/14 Your Words Create a Legacy for Your Children 90 Free to Share
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