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Name: Jim Newton 
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Articles written: 61

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Though a lifelong writer, I wanted a vast assortment of life experiences on different levels before I put myself out there as a serious contender. The reason for this was I promised my pen to God. I fought a great battle with our Father due to the horrific situations I encountered in Vietnam. I was angry with a God that would allow such inhumanity by man upon man. I fought him, I blasphemed him, I desecrated his holy ground…as a last and fatal blow to him, I and a friend set about exposing the Bible as a fraud…like men better equipped than we have not taken on that same mission. He won. I mean, hands down, God beat me to a pulp, but not with the sword of blood…with the sword of love. I slashed away with my puny sword that had little effect from the start, but, when we hit The Sermon on the Mount, my blade snapped. I threw up the white flag and awaited death. My Father did not strike me down with lightning or send an army of angels to destroy me. He simply loved and forgave me. He took me in to his home telling me how much he had missed me. Though undeserved, He made me an honored inhabitant. I write for the glory of my loving Lord…as inept as I am.
Article Archives
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03/06/14 A Family Mystery 87 For Sale
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01/30/14 The Chronicle of Mr Howard Klensington Sinkley III 133 Free to Share
01/22/14 You, Lord, Are My Victory in Defeat 125 Free to Share
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03/07/2014 My Friend