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Theodicy What is the etymological derivation of this term? No matter how profound and difficult this word could be it carries an unbreakable relevance to the tornado tragedy happened in Oklahoma recently. Categorically, this a philosophical term with a Greek-word origin (Greek: theo-God + dike-justice). This is an attempt to resolve God’s characters of omni benevolence (perfect goodness) omniscience (perfect knowledge), omnipotent (all-powerful) with the evidential and incessant occurrences of EVIL or sufferings in the world. Meaning, God is still ultimately good despite all GLOBAL-HISTORICAL happenings and contingencies. Normally in our world today, it is very difficult for man to square this idea into his own conception. Nevertheless, it doesn’t diminish the fact that God is all-wise and supremely purposive and in control with His decree from the beginning to successions until the culmination of all things. After all, MAN is not the final arbiter because SOVEREIGNTY cannot be characterized to him. God is all in all. The Bible said: For HIM, through HIM and for HIM are all things (Rom. 11:36).Oklahoma tragedy is just a part of world catastrophic subsequence. Perhaps we can still recall the current major disasters happened around the globe like Japan’s devastating tsunami and earthquakes that shakes the ground, terrains and ocean floors in divers’ places. Further disastrous events prior to those in fact we cannot anymore recall unless we search in the internet and they jigsaw the world historical facts. The Bible itself says that when man humbly submits to its authority, it will make him wise (Psalm 119:7). Wise in the sense he can discern in a gradual way all issues of life. The Bible is the only honest book in the world. Honest to tell us that right after Adam and Eve fell into SIN, nature disasters begin to inflict the world until now and sad to say it terminates LIFE (Gen 2:17;Rom. 8:21-22). Terrifying! We don’t know what will be next major blow and where it will strike again until we tune in CNN or TV Patrol world. And for sure massive lives will be destroyed again. Perhaps we will be among the victims. Of course we do hope and pray it will never happen like what we intercede did before. Yet the chain is undisputed and unprecedented. It’s still there! Who in the world can explain this? Although the term THEODICY you cannot find in the Bible, yet it does teach that God is still JUST in all things. How come? People are dying! Where is the justice and goodness of God there? This is the cry actually of an ATHEIST and the normal tendency of an average man who is not instructed by the Word of God. Man will say: “This is unfair!”But FAIRNESS doesn’t rule the universe. It’s God! Tainted with sin, our definition of JUSTICE cannot fit how God view justice. “We must not think that God does things because it is good and right, but it is good and right because God does it” (WILLIAM PERKINS). The Lord declares: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither your ways, My ways” (Isa. 55:8). Yes, the Lord can be trusted in all His ways, even though they are beyond for us to explicate. The same Bible however tells us of His obvious way. It is His wise way that can be understood. Sending Jesus is God’s all-encompassing way. In fact, Christ himself says: “I am the way the truth and the life (John 14:6). D. BURGOS JR.
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