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Name: Taylor Cummings 
Website: taylorjasmine.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 78

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My name is Taylor. I am a nineteen year old girl who loves God. I desire to use the gift of writing that God has blessed me with in order to reach a lost and hurting world. I'd like to do so by sharing what He teaches me through His Word and how that applies to my life.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/27/14 Why Do The Worldly Prosper? 37 For Sale
08/30/14 Fickle Feelings 53 For Sale
08/22/14 That's Not My Life Anymore 40 For Sale
08/20/14 Spiritual Feeding 44 For Sale
08/16/14 Seeking Truth 62 For Sale
08/09/14 Good Things God's Been Up To 54 For Sale
07/22/14 Desperate Prayers of Why? and Where? 52 For Sale
07/16/14 One More Disappointment 49 For Sale
07/11/14 Finding Meaning 79 For Sale
07/01/14 Keep On Praying 63 For Sale
06/14/14 Seeing Only A Pencil Mark 71 For Sale
06/09/14 Not As They Seem 79 For Sale
06/08/14 Unchanging 62 For Sale
05/28/14 Press On 73 For Sale
05/17/14 Faith, Believing Before We See 70 For Sale
05/04/14 The Day My Religion Had to Die 76 For Sale
05/01/14 Longing To Be Beautiful 73 For Sale
04/19/14 Closer Than You Know 79 For Sale
04/08/14 Unqualified Job Candidates 91 For Sale
04/04/14 Keep Me Humble 88 For Sale
03/29/14 My List of Importance 71 For Sale
03/19/14 In Between Chapters 80 Free to Share
03/12/14 Seemingly Insignificant 84 Free to Share
03/08/14 Small Beginnings 101 Free to Share
02/28/14 Only You, Lord 81 Free to Share
02/25/14 God's Call on My Life 91 Free to Share
02/22/14 Desire to be Virtuous 83 Free to Share
02/11/14 Pray and Release 78 Free to Share
02/10/14 Valentine's Day Blues 98 Free to Share
02/01/14 Plant the Seed 179 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/13/13 Someone's Always Watching
10/29/13 Living in a Place That's Not My Home

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Date Title
09/27/2014 Why Do The Worldly Prosper?
08/30/2014 Fickle Feelings
08/22/2014 That's Not My Life Anymore
08/20/2014 Spiritual Feeding
08/16/2014 Seeking Truth
08/09/2014 Good Things God's Been Up To
07/16/2014 One More Disappointment
07/11/2014 Finding Meaning
07/01/2014 Keep On Praying
06/14/2014 Seeing Only A Pencil Mark
06/09/2014 Not As They Seem
06/08/2014 Unchanging
05/28/2014 Press On
05/23/2014 The Better Thing
05/17/2014 Faith, Believing Before We See
05/04/2014 The Day My Religion Had to Die
05/01/2014 Longing To Be Beautiful
04/19/2014 Closer Than You Know
04/08/2014 Unqualified Job Candidates
04/04/2014 Keep Me Humble
03/29/2014 My List of Importance
03/19/2014 In-Between Chapters
03/12/2014 Seemingly Insignificant
03/08/2014 Small Beginnings
02/28/2014 Only You, Lord
02/25/2014 God's Call on My Life
02/22/2014 Desire to be Virtuous
02/11/2014 Pray and Release
02/10/2014 Valentine's Day Blues
02/01/2014 Plant the Seed
01/31/2014 Fall In Love With Jesus All Over Again
01/31/2014 Ten Reasons Why I Love You
01/30/2014 When God Feels Far Away
01/23/2014 Write Your Story inspired by Francesca Battistelli's song
01/10/2014 I'll Be Happy When Mindsets
01/05/2014 Doubting God's Love
01/02/2014 Don't Miss Today
12/27/2013 Where Do I Go From Here?
12/22/2013 Beautifully Broken
12/21/2013 Even When We Don't Know When
12/16/2013 No Room for Jesus
12/13/2013 Keep Making Me, inspired by Sidewalk Prophet's song
12/11/2013 The Question
12/11/2013 Leaving the Dungeon
11/24/2013 Becoming the Greatest
11/24/2013 When Facing a Battle
11/24/2013 Remembering God After Receiving Blessings
11/24/2013 God's GPS
11/04/2013 Whether Wilderness or Promise Land Hold Fast to
11/04/2013 One Step at a Time
11/04/2013 Pressing Through the Dark of Night
10/29/2013 Come to Me As a Child
10/29/2013 From the Prison Walls to the Palace, The Waiting Periods of Life