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Welcome to the archives for the The Great Multitude Christian Daily Devotional inspired by Rev 7:9-12.

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Member Devotional Submission guidelines

Devotionals submitted to this program will also be published on http://www.idiscipleapp.com/ about 90-120 days after they appear on FaithWriters. FaithWriters Members worldwide are encouraged to submit well thought out, encouraging, inspiring, convicting and informative daily devotions for consideration. Please keep in mind Eph 4:29 when writing.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

We are primarily seeking Biblically sound submissions focusing on our identity in Christ, Jesus finished work on the cross and God's unconditional love and grace for us.

Please keep in mind the FaithWriters faith statement HERE. They should not promote any denominations specific theology that might create division.

Maximum 300 words (including title, scripture verse, body and short bio at the end). Preferred style is one paragraph or a maximum of three HERE.

Submissions must be fully edited, 300 words or less and ready for posting or they will be returned to you.

Devotionals must include a title. A good title with popular keywords will receive many more reads. Scan the previous submissions to see what readers are finding in searches.

The scripture verse must include the biblical version next to it (ESV, KJV, NIV)

Please include one unique line about yourself with the submission. Where you live, married how long, kids, grandkids, etc. This brief bio will be included with the submission, along with a link to your FaithWriters profile page. To look professional, a photo and the "about self" section must be completed on your profile - http://www.faithwriters.com/myaccount/profile.php.

These devotionals appear and update automatically on countless websites around the world HERE. They also go directly to thousands of people by email, twitter and are posted on http://idisciple.org/.

Submissions should be sent to devotionalsubmission@faithwriters.com with a subject line entitled Devotional Submission.

The views listed below are only for number of views in the archives. They do not reflect the times the devotional has been read on all other websites or the direct devotional emails.

Before starting to write please review Jan's free class on writing devotionals HERE.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/14/13 People Worship 130 Free to Share
04/13/13 Faithful Companion 149 Free to Share
04/12/13 With All Your Heart 168 Free to Share
04/11/13 God Makes a Way in the Desert 460 Free to Share
04/10/13 Betrayed 194 Free to Share
04/09/13 Watch What You Say 131 Free to Share
04/08/13 Troubled Waters 200 Free to Share
04/07/13 Our Provider 154 Free to Share
04/06/13 No Problem Too Hard 255 Free to Share
04/05/13 Hagars Rescue 105 Free to Share
04/04/13 A Fathers Stance 125 Free to Share
04/03/13 Mary at the Tomb 104 Free to Share
04/03/13 Mary at the Tomb 87 Free to Share
04/03/13 Kept by The Power of God 127 Free to Share
04/01/13 He is Risen 33013 109 Free to Share
04/01/13 Chew on This 167 Free to Share
03/31/13 The Power of Forgiveness 130 Free to Share
03/30/13 This is The Gospel 145 Free to Share
03/28/13 My Lord, My Shield 173 Free to Share
03/26/13 The Silent Place 256 Free to Share
03/25/13 One of Them 158 Free to Share
03/24/13 Rescued 222 Free to Share
03/23/13 The Vine 159 Free to Share
03/22/13 Let it Flow 199 Free to Share
03/21/13 Perfect Peace 143 Free to Share
03/20/13 HE KNOWS MY FRAME 233 Free to Share
03/19/13 The Inner Circle 175 Free to Share
03/17/13 Fear of The Lord 31513 150 Free to Share
03/17/13 Can Anyone See Your Faith? 31613 165 Free to Share
03/17/13 HE ARRIVES WITH NO FRILLS 31713 135 Free to Share
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