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Name: Margery Wolfe
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Articles written: 138

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Margery Paulette Cobb-Wolfe was born in New Roads, Louisiana. She was raised in New Roads, Louisiana, Detroit, Michigan and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the first child of Paul A. Jarreau and the second child of Marjorie Cobb. She graduated high school in 1974 and attended college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Evangelist Wolfe worked as an Accountant Technician for 27 years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before starting a ministry with her husband. In addition to being devoted to ministry she now works as a Writer authoring books under the auspices of the Holy Ghost. She first gave her life to the Lord when she was 20 years old and is completely devoted to encouraging, admonishing, and motivating the people of God. She noticed she had the same compassion for helping people as Jesus had and she works diligently and faithfully for her Lord in ministry, as she have the mutual desire to reach souls and let them know that there is hope in Christ. She takes very seriously her role as a helpmeet to her husband, and her favorite scriptures are Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11. Her servitude and virtue blend well to compliment her role as the Owner and President of Kingdom Works Ministry. Margery exemplifies the example of a virtuous woman with power to provoke and inspire change, as well as, challenge all people to make Jesus the “first priority” in their lives. People are drawn by her engaging smile and infectious personality and are won by her genuine love for God and for His people. She fully embraces the precious privilege and awesome responsibility of seizing every opportunity to deposit the Gospel into the lives of God’s people.
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Date Title Views Status
02/07/14 See Where It Matters 76 For Sale
02/07/14 By Executive Order 107 For Sale
01/22/14 God Use To Depend On Us Women 75 For Sale
01/22/14 Finding Joy In Pain 97 For Sale
01/22/14 By Reason of Affliction 82 For Sale
01/22/14 The Borderline 96 For Sale
01/15/14 The Borderline 86 For Sale
01/15/14 Imparting Its Important 76 For Sale
01/14/14 Change, Change What 100 For Sale
01/14/14 A Change For Life 72 For Sale
01/14/14 Allergic To This World 81 For Sale
01/14/14 No Ordinary Church Girl 133 For Sale
01/14/14 God and Man 79 For Sale
01/14/14 My Whole Body Belongs To God 94 For Sale
01/09/14 Is It A Scheme Or Faith 89 For Sale
01/09/14 Pimps And Prostitutes 113 For Sale
01/09/14 The Power Of Prayer 86 For Sale
01/09/14 De-realization 109 For Sale
01/09/14 How Should We Pray 97 For Sale
11/09/13 No Longer In The Shadow 88 For Sale
10/14/13 Just Who Do We Think We Are 140 For Sale
10/12/13 Time For Examination Saints 89 For Sale
10/12/13 The Marks of Christ 82 For Sale
10/12/13 Children Of God Covered By The Blood 146 For Sale
10/12/13 Saved By Grace For Eternal Life 173 For Sale
10/12/13 The Be-Attitude Of The Believer 194 For Sale
09/14/13 Because The Hardness of The Heart 137 For Sale
09/14/13 Chosen, But Why 105 For Sale
09/12/13 Forgiven Be Careful Judgment Is Still There 106 For Sale
09/11/13 Deliverance God’s Way 107 For Sale
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