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Name: Richard Sherrer
Website: www.poetrypoem.com/sirricky
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Articles written: 3918

 About Self
Richard Sherrer is actually retired from the United States Air Force about 14 years ago. He had lived in Korea while in the Air Force in 1972 and 1973. You might be asking yourself what brought him back to Korea. I guess you could say that it was a lot of love here, for the country, the people and especially for a Christian woman that he met on the Internet. She convinced him to return to be with her. So he came originally to teach English in July of 2000. They were married July of 2001. Now turned poet which is subject that is near and dear to his heart. His love for Christ and God is an inspiration to all who read his poetry. Born in Easton, Pennsylvania his father, Newton farmed for the majority of his life. It was his father that convinced him not to continue in the 300 year old family tradition as a farmer since the size of the farm was too small for to survive. That was the main reason for joining the Air Force in 1969. His Mother, Catherine was an inspiration spiritually as a church organist for over 35 years. His wife is actually inspired him to start writing. God inspires him what to write about through. He does not claim to be an expert on God or the Bible. He is just a Christian who has become enlightened to write poetic verses from the Holy Scriptures.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/21/14 The Roaring Respect 6 Not For Sale
09/20/14 Hope of the Prophet 12 Not For Sale
09/19/14 Harvest Time 15 For Sale
09/18/14 Forget Me Not 11 Not For Sale
09/17/14 Goodness of God 9 Not For Sale
09/16/14 Spiritual Nature 12 Not For Sale
09/15/14 The Ultimate Sacrifice 15 Not For Sale
09/14/14 The Blessed Man 29 Not For Sale
09/13/14 Ultimate Joy and Satisfaction 18 Not For Sale
09/12/14 An Eternity 24 Not For Sale
09/11/14 Dwelling Places 17 Not For Sale
09/10/14 Saying Righteously 23 Not For Sale
09/09/14 Envy Loss 29 Not For Sale
09/09/14 Fully Committed 27 Not For Sale
09/07/14 The Struggler 19 Not For Sale
09/06/14 Our Foundation 25 Not For Sale
09/05/14 When Tested 26 Not For Sale
09/04/14 Not a Passive Observer 25 Not For Sale
09/03/14 The Grace of God 19 Not For Sale
09/02/14 The Cornerstone 22 Not For Sale
09/01/14 Give Accordingly 18 Not For Sale
08/31/14 Spiritual Fruit 27 Not For Sale
08/30/14 He Loved Us First 30 Not For Sale
08/29/14 Remain Faithful 27 Not For Sale
08/28/14 Restoration 29 Not For Sale
08/27/14 Those who Believe 30 Not For Sale
08/26/14 Encouraged Example 34 Not For Sale
08/25/14 Captivated Folks 20 Not For Sale
08/24/14 Finding the Righteous Pathway 21 Not For Sale
08/23/14 Finding the Pathway 21 Not For Sale
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