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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/18/12 Tick, Tock, Tick, Gone!
11/14/12 The Irresistible Urge To Scratch
11/05/12 Uniforms of Glory
10/15/12 Sources Of Prosperity
08/29/12 Pleasant Mouth, Bitter Stomach
08/01/12 Developing A Spiritual Appetite
07/17/12 "Can't take the heat....".
06/07/12 What's Happening?
06/06/12 What’s Happening?
05/30/12 How Sharp Is Your Sword?
05/22/12 Recalculating…Stand by
05/16/12 Prosperity Comes With A Price Tag
05/09/12 The Heavy Yoke
04/24/12 Watch Where You're Going
04/18/12 Two’s Company And Three’s Complete
04/10/12 Opportunities
03/14/12 Fuel For The 1Cor. 3 Bonfire
03/04/12 While Angels Watched
02/28/12 To Hug Or To Kick
02/21/12 Pioneering The True Post Salvation Spiritual Life
02/14/12 Ready Or Not, Here They Come!
02/01/12 Ambassadors In The Workplace
01/25/12 The Battle Is The Lord's
01/16/12 Hush! The Devil Approaches!
01/09/12 What's In It For Me?
10/12/11 Where Our Answers Come From
08/31/11 When God Says NO!
08/24/11 Life Changing Decisions
08/08/11 The Devil Understands SIN-cerity
08/02/11 Where Nothing Comes From
07/25/11 The Divine And Secular Purposes For The Administration Of Justice
06/13/11 Departure Time
06/01/11 What's Your Price?
07/05/09 Going…..Going…..Gone!
05/12/09 Good People Go to Heaven; Bad People Go To Hell
05/06/09 In And Out of Order
11/05/08 An Enlightened Holiday Season
09/03/08 Standing Up For The Truth
08/27/08 When Is Enough, Enough?
08/05/08 The Toll Bridge
07/29/08 Concentration Is A Choice We Make
07/23/08 Ding-a-lings!
07/14/08 Memory Can Be A Blessing Or A Curse
06/09/08 The Reunion In The Clouds
04/08/08 Grandparents’ Legacies
03/03/08 The Answer Is Always There
02/27/08 The Silently Loud Witness
02/20/08 The Unforgiving Surcharge
02/06/08 Guilty By Association
01/16/08 Promises, Promises…
01/09/08 Time Spent Today Saves Time Tommorrow
12/05/07 Cave or Cathedral
11/27/07 Identifying Spiritual Gifts
11/20/07 The Berean Pulpit
11/10/07 God’s Place of Encouragement
11/04/07 The Evangelist's Calling
10/24/07 The Baptismal Controversy
08/27/07 Fearful Or Faithful
08/22/07 Losing The Confusion
08/06/07 Godly Anger
07/24/07 The Hurdles Of Embarrassment
07/13/07 My Search For What Would Make Me Happy
07/06/07 Con-fi-“dents”
06/11/07 Jesus Was A Teenager
05/07/07 The Historical Perspective
04/13/07 Humor To Some Is Cruelty To Others
04/11/07 The "Mystery" Doctrines Of The Church Age
03/07/07 Shopping For Spiritual Food
02/06/07 One Night On The Sea
01/28/07 Reading Vs. Studying The Bible
01/09/07 Tampering With God’s Recipe
12/09/06 The Unsung Heroes Of The Church Age
12/02/06 A Pastor’s Cover Letter To A Search Committee
11/28/06 Our Volunteer Example
10/31/06 Who or what teaches best?
10/13/06 Spiritual Police Officers
10/06/06 The Challenge To Be A Christian Fire-fighter
09/03/06 Rivers, Streams, And Storm Clouds
08/18/06 The Altar Of The Cross
08/13/06 The Valleys Of Conflict
08/07/06 “Where there is no vision……(Prov. 29:18 NASB)”
07/24/06 “Walking” With The Lord
07/07/06 God’s Prerequisite For Greatness
06/13/06 True Discipleship Is Abundantly Obvious
05/30/06 We Were Created For One Purpose Only
05/22/06 Suffering Does Not Diminish The Joy Of The Lord
05/16/06 All Prosperity Is NOT from God
04/21/06 What Praying For Inner Strength Reveals
04/07/06 Fulfilling The Plan Of God
03/01/06 One Way, Wrong Way, Do Not Enter
02/16/06 Our Fellowship With God Does NOT Begin When This Life Ends!
02/08/06 The Willingness To Have God Break Us
02/01/06 The One In Control
01/11/06 Our Homecoming!
01/04/06 Desiring The Wings Of Escape
11/15/05 TheWinter Season Of The Spiritual Life
11/11/05 A Biblically Beautiful Woman
10/25/05 Do You Stink? (i)
10/18/05 The Rain Must Fall
10/11/05 The Production Of Our Daily Fruit
09/08/05 The Bon Voyage Awaiting Us All
08/31/05 What Became Of The Postcard God Sent To You?
08/19/05 Excess Baggage
08/09/05 Moses’ and Paul’s “Sight-seeing” Experiences
08/04/05 Retreat Is Not In The Disciple’s Vocabulary
07/26/05 The Passport Required At The Pearly Gates
07/22/05 Disabled In The Breakdown Lane
07/12/05 The Spiritual Life Is Like A Camping Experience
07/06/05 A Grain Of Sand Or A Beach
06/10/05 The #1 Dad On Father’s Day
05/24/05 Our Spiritual-Birthday
04/21/05 Thanksgiving Is An Attitude As Well As A Form Of Worship
04/05/05 Re You A Friend Of God?
03/15/05 Tyrants, Bosses, And Leaders
02/25/05 Willingness To Be Sent Where We Don’t Want To Go
02/17/05 Mr. Selfishness And His Three Close Friends
01/27/05 Angry Towards God
01/19/05 The Promised Desires
01/14/05 Have You Lost Your First Love?
12/01/04 By Whom Are We Being Blessed
11/26/04 Rejoicing When Your Heart Is Breaking
11/17/04 Rejection Is Inevitable
11/10/04 Hunger For The Word Of God
11/04/04 God Is Insulted When His Gift Is Diminished
10/27/04 Spiritual, Not Material Deprivation Is What Makes A Believer “Poor”
10/21/04 We Haven’t Grown Up Until We Can Laugh At Ourselves
10/14/04 The Needs Of The Soul Will Not Be Satisified With The Desires Of The Fallen Nature
10/07/04 The Purpose Of Tears In Our Spiritual Eyes
09/30/04 Distinguishing Blessing From Reward
09/23/04 Ascending The Mountain Of God
09/02/04 The Joy & Regrets Of Graduation Day
08/26/04 "Learning For Life" Is What The Sanctification Process Is All About
07/29/04 The "Exams" Of The Spiritual Life
07/21/04 What We Learn In Christian Elementary School Determines Our Ability To Perceive What The Post-salvation Life Is All About
07/15/04 The Rewards & Accountability For Spiritual Teachers
07/09/04 Peer Pressure Is A Tool In The Hands of Satan
07/02/04 The First Day At The School Of Sanctification
06/16/04 "Rest" In The Midst Of Adversity
06/10/04 "...I will make you fishers of men." (Matt 4:19 NIV)
05/28/04 When The Light Can Be The Source Of Great Darkness
05/14/04 The Function & Objectives of Spiritual Power
05/05/04 The Worshipers He Desires
04/30/04 Natural & Spiritual Water
04/20/04 How Our Labor Will Be Evaluated
04/14/04 The Origon & Consequences Of Pride
04/08/04 Doors

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Date Title

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09/22/2011 The Sin Of Presumption
01/28/2007 Is Cloning A Sign Of The End Times?
12/17/2006 What Christmas Has Become