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Name: Patrick Adkins
Website: www.thoughtsandrantings.com
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First of all, I will tell you what I am not: I am not a Republican, although, I will be casting my lot with Mitt Romney in 2012. I am also not a wealthy man. I come from, grew up in, and was raised in a middle class (READ: $60.000 or so a year) family. My father is a retired General Motors worker and a member of the UAW. My Mother was a stay-at-home Mom. Both of my parents are political fence riders. Neither of them could honestly give a flying flip about politics. I am also unemployed, I have been since 2005. Long story, career change that never worked out. I was supposed to be a truck driver. But I was dealt a bad hand, economy, some mistakes of my own. Just didn't turn out like I thought it should. Okay now, for what I am: I am a Born Again Christian of 30 year vintage. I am an Independent, Fundamental, King James Believing, Baptist! My name is Charles Patrick Adkins and I started blogging back in 2006 as a "left of center" or as I liked to call it a "Historic Populist." On December 23, 2007, my original blog the populist was hacked. On December 28, 2007, I started Political Byline, which was, at the time a Centrist blog. I wrote at Political Byline for 6 years. Due to hosting issues and because blog had ran it's course, I ended my tenure at Political Byline.com and put that blog into inactive status. I started this blog about a week later on Blogspot, because I simply could not just walk away; and my mom told me I should keep going. Finally on December 28, 2011, I moved political byline to a new host. I imported my new blogspot blog to wordpress and also registered the two new domains, one for the so-called business and one for this blog. I was supposed to get a business going, but after seeing what it cost for a good reseller that can help everyone, I decided to back away from the idea. It costs nearly 500 grand to get a GOOD hosting company going. No thanks, I'll pass. Anyhow, that's what's the truth about me!
Article Archives
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12/25/14 I will celebrate Christmas 76 Free to Share
09/22/12 A reminder as to why I am not a fan of David Frum 302 Free to Share
09/16/12 Steven Crowder's holier than thou problem 402 Free to Share
09/15/12 Rick Santorum explains why he will never, ever,be President of the United States 213 Free to Share
09/12/12 My Thoughts on the situation in Egypt and Libya 217 Free to Share
09/09/12 Defending real Christianity from Daniel McCarthy's smug papist idiocy 275 Free to Share
09/08/12 My Thoughts on President Obama's DNC Speech 191 Free to Share
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