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Name: Rod Smith
Website: home.austarnet.com.au/jesuslives9
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Articles written: 153

 About Self
“Free to Share” means exactly that as far as I’m concerned. Feel free to copy my articles, print them, distribute them to friends, use them to motivate others for God’s glory. However, they are not to be sold for profit. I live in Australia, retired from work, but not from working for the Lord. What drives me is Revelation 20:15. Anyone who isn't written in the Book of Life is headed for the lake of fire. I want to warn as many as possible about that, as well as talk about the positives. I write mostly on three topics: 1. Go public with the gospel. 2. Go public with the gospel. 3. How the church needs a revolution in thinking. Your comments on articles are appreciated, whether positive or negative.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/12/09 Under the New World Order: For the Christian: what? 421 Free to Share
02/27/09 The New World Order: why a microchip? 464 Free to Share
02/23/09 The New World Order 353 Free to Share
02/14/09 The Christian message has to change 486 Free to Share
02/02/09 What the church could be 367 Free to Share
01/24/09 When is a Christian church not a church? - Pt 2 365 Free to Share
01/20/09 When is a Christian church not a church? _ Pt 1 333 Free to Share
07/23/08 The burning house - a 21st century parable 442 Free to Share
07/12/08 “And now, the star of our show . . .” 430 Free to Share
06/12/08 Christians: “the mark” and you 776 Free to Share
11/26/07 Gary Gullible meets the apes 476 Free to Share
10/01/07 “I’m not religious” 541 Free to Share
08/17/07 Christians: get going! 487 Free to Share
04/04/07 We’re using only half the tools 515 Free to Share
03/15/07 Today’s organized churches 485 Free to Share
03/09/07 Once saved always saved? 532 Free to Share
02/27/07 Pride 467 Free to Share
02/20/07 Are you truly a “new creature”? 549 Free to Share
02/13/07 Religious Routine or Full-on for Christ? 662 Free to Share
01/30/07 Enough of the same old, same old 611 Free to Share
01/23/07 It’s the Book of ACTS 564 Free to Share
12/31/06 Use those premises! 629 Free to Share
12/18/06 Adventures of a Street Preacher 642 Free to Share
12/18/06 Adventures of a Street Preacher (2) 599 Free to Share
12/18/06 Adventures of a Street Preacher (3) 714 Free to Share
12/12/06 Who will do something? 714 Free to Share
12/03/06 Heaven: Five Mistaken Beliefs 669 Free to Share
11/04/06 A Different Approach 775 Free to Share
10/22/06 When . . . 751 Free to Share
09/26/06 The way we were 585 Free to Share
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03/02/2007 When...
03/02/2007 The Second Death: A Scenario