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Name: Jenna Fernandez
Website: eternalencounter.com
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Articles written: 74

 About Self
Ever since I was a child, Iíve enjoyed expressing myself through poems, songs, stories, plays and inspirational writing. Iím thankful to have a loving family that encourages me to write, an amazing husband who inspires my creativity, and energetic children who keep me in touch with my imagination. Coming to know God in a personal way, being involved in a vibrant multi-cultural church community and enjoying the beauty of creation wherever I go are other elements that have added fuel to my passion for writing. I think I was born with a pen attached to my fingers, and I expect that pen will still be attached to my fingers when Iím on my death-bed. Until then, my desire is to make life more beautiful through the written word. Email Contact: eternalencounter@gmail.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/12/13 Love Like This 408 Free to Share
12/20/12 The Gift We Can Never Repay 325 Free to Share
12/20/12 Never Alone 193 Free to Share
12/18/12 The Crimson Path 295 Free to Share
12/15/12 Where are You, God? 246 Free to Share
12/15/12 Speak to Us 186 Free to Share
12/04/12 There Will Come a Time 191 Free to Share
12/04/12 The Gift 365 For Sale
12/04/12 One Beautiful Moment 386 For Sale
12/04/12 This Christmas 179 Free to Share
09/01/12 Barefoot on Sunday Morning 435 For Sale
08/31/12 The Shadow Dwellers 303 For Sale
08/07/12 The Waters Cry Out 395 Free to Share
07/23/12 Blessings in the Rain 253 Free to Share
07/23/12 And the Grave Was Silent 377 For Sale
07/23/12 Where the Ocean Meets the Sky 560 For Sale
05/23/12 Wisdom Calling 248 Free to Share
05/21/12 Sammy and the Sparrow 538 For Sale
05/21/12 Beauty for Ashes 496 For Sale
05/16/12 Piercing the Darkness 251 For Sale
05/14/12 A Passion for His Presence 290 Free to Share
05/14/12 The Neglected Inheritance 256 Free to Share
05/14/12 The Last Great Revival 285 Free to Share
05/12/12 Paid in Full 747 Free to Share
05/12/12 Chasing After the Wind 313 Free to Share
05/12/12 Alive at Last 253 For Sale
05/12/12 Spring Awakening 244 For Sale
05/11/12 When the Curtain Falls 636 For Sale
05/11/12 The Baby Who Was Expecting a Mommy 718 Not For Sale
05/11/12 God's Greatest Sermon 305 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/17/12 Today's Special
08/13/12 Stained and Torn
08/06/12 The Secret Mission
07/26/12 The Taste of Death
07/22/12 The Unexpected Guests
07/13/12 In the Land of the Living
07/06/12 Beneath the Willow Tree
05/24/12 How Faint a Whisper
05/18/12 Moving Day
05/11/12 The Works that Endure
05/04/12 Faithful
05/02/12 Worth Fighting For

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
09/01/12 Barefoot on Sunday Morning
08/31/12 The Shadow Dwellers
07/16/12 Sammy and the Sparrow

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
03/03/2013 If Tomorrow Never Comes
12/18/2012 The Crimson Path
12/15/2012 Where Are You, God?
12/15/2012 Speak to Us, Lord
12/04/2012 This Christmas
12/04/2012 There Will Come a Time
04/25/2012 White as Snow
04/21/2012 What's On Your Mind
04/21/2012 Life and Death
04/20/2012 A Closer Look
04/19/2012 More than a Carpenter
04/15/2012 When I Go to Heaven
04/14/2012 It is Finished
04/13/2012 After the Cross
04/13/2012 Door to Freedom
04/13/2012 The Way of the Cross
04/13/2012 Questions and Answers
04/13/2012 The Invitation