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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Shaila Touchton
Website: scriptureknowledgebase.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 148

 About Self
Shaila D Touchton was born and raised in a well educated family in India and has completed her Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Degree from NMAMIT, India and other various Certifications Courses in Computers & Networking. Also she has Doctor of Biblical Studies, Doctor of Theological Study Ministries, Doctor of Christian Counseling and Doctor of Internet Evangelism .She had worked for I.T and Engineering companies in the past and now she is a stay Home Christian Mother, Wife of Daniel B Touchton and a Christian writer contributing articles. She has self published three books using print-on-demand called Christian Living, Seek Godí s Truth and Living a Godly Life . She has passion for writing Christian articles and has contributed many articles and blogs online. She has a great love for the study of Gods word in a deep way. She has an incredible heart to serve the Lord and she loves to encourage and uplift others to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her writings. God bless each and every one of you who takes the time to read her articles.
Article Archives
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12/19/11 Why did God take six days to create everything instead of existence all at once? 170 Free to Share
12/19/11 Qualities of a Godly Man! 343 Free to Share
12/19/11 Gods love is conditional! 475 Free to Share
12/18/11 Do not commit theft, robbery, stealing or burglary! 136 Free to Share
12/18/11 Prayer for Japan 176 Free to Share
12/18/11 17 Reasons Why America is Great Nation! 132 Free to Share
12/18/11 Faith in People Fails but Faith in God Never Fails! 168 Free to Share
12/18/11 Keep praying until you get God's result! 225 Free to Share
12/18/11 God still holds the eating of unclean flesh as an abomination! 254 Free to Share
12/18/11 60 Abomination list in the Bible! 385 Free to Share
12/18/11 Temptation does not come from God! 273 Free to Share
12/18/11 Heaven or Hell itís our Choice! 181 Free to Share
12/18/11 If Jesus is Not God, Who Do You Say Jesus Is? 174 Free to Share
12/18/11 Tolerating evil is compromising with evil 334 Free to Share
12/18/11 How people were saved before Jesus Christ and what about the people who never heard about Christ? 185 Free to Share
12/18/11 Old Testament is just as inspired as New Testament. But still why many will ignore OT? 235 Free to Share
12/18/11 Some Accuse Church for their Bible Illiteracy! 263 Free to Share
12/18/11 Prayer for America! 146 Free to Share
12/18/11 Are we to love the sinner but hate the sin? 262 Free to Share
12/18/11 What Bible says about sexual immorals? 345 Free to Share
12/18/11 All past, present, and future sins are forgiven? 1282 Free to Share
12/18/11 Every sin has its own consequences and demands heavy price! 362 Free to Share
12/18/11 If Jesus is God, then why scriptures say Son of God? 349 Free to Share
12/18/11 When and why God Judges the nation? 317 Free to Share
12/18/11 To many false preachers favorite verse is: Touch Not My anointed ones! 267 Free to Share
12/18/11 Do we Love God Above all things? 249 Free to Share
12/18/11 Scriptures say God's people to depart from Babylon 158 Free to Share
12/18/11 Prophecies about Babylon! 148 Free to Share
12/18/11 Biblical Proof that Jesus is God! 145 Free to Share
12/18/11 Family Protection Prayer! 279 Free to Share
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