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Name: Susan Allen 
Website: www.godswordstous.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 69

 About Self
I enjoy writing about Christian values and about our awesome Lord and Savior . I love to share my work with others. I hope my writing will bring others closer to our Lord. I am a mother of one wonderful son and loving daughter. I also have one smart grandson with a passion for writing. I hope that my writing helps unbelievers to find their faith in God. I was amazed when I found this verse: Psalm 45:1(NKJV)--My heart is flowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.-- This verse confirmed that I was meant to write. His Word is relevant to our everyday life. I do want to glorify God in everything I do. His Word gives me incentive to write for Him with the help from the Holy Spirit's prompting. I will continue doing our Father God's work. I enjoy writing articles and devotionals about our loving and merciful God. It is awesome that God is using me to show His glory. The more I write, I realize how much I love to talk about Jesus. He is the only subject I enjoy writing about. I just hope unbelievers are able to read and learn about Jesus and how He saved us. I was accepted by two Christian e-magazines to write encouraging Christian articles. ("Christian News Today" and "Encouraging Bible Verses"). FaithWriters had posted the opportunities on their Private Messenger which is found on their site. It is exciting to spread the Good News in other places. I continue to look on FaithWriters' site for new opportunities. God has a plan to use my articles for His purpose! Faithwriters did it again for me. Another paid writing opportunity came. Now I am writing devotionals on a wonderful newly launched Christian site called: www.thebottomline.co Devotionals are my favorite things to write. It is wonderful to have a job that you love!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/09/13 Don't You Care, God? 100 Free to Share
05/09/13 TROUBLES 101 Free to Share
04/02/13 Don't Blame God 138 Free to Share
03/30/13 BE AVAILABLE FOR GOD 258 Free to Share
03/29/13 THE ANSWER 96 Free to Share
03/29/13 Incorruptible Crowns 100 Free to Share
03/28/13 YOU AND GOD KNOW 112 Free to Share
03/27/13 SEEKING HIS FACE 110 Free to Share
03/27/13 GIVE YOUR LIFE 116 Free to Share
03/26/13 HOW MANY TIMES 109 Free to Share
05/21/12 My Parents 175 Free to Share
05/21/12 Missing You 197 Not For Sale
05/21/12 What is Your Will Today? 173 Not For Sale
05/01/12 The Holy Spirit 209 Free to Share
04/20/12 We Can Do Nothing Without Jesus 432 Free to Share
04/05/12 Let's Share Our Faith and Joy 222 Free to Share
04/02/12 No One Can Take Us Away 282 Not For Sale
03/31/12 Rejection 229 Not For Sale
03/30/12 Be a Witness 308 Not For Sale
03/24/12 Give Him All Your Cares 181 Free to Share
03/24/12 Finding Unconditional Love 318 Free to Share
03/24/12 Will You Be Chosen? 213 Free to Share
03/09/12 This Is True 180 Free to Share
03/09/12 God Takes Care Of Us 210 Free to Share
03/07/12 Talk To Me 203 Free to Share
03/07/12 Change Me 190 Free to Share
03/03/12 Seeking Your Face 185 Not For Sale
03/03/12 Use Me, Lord 350 Not For Sale
02/27/12 Lost and Found 347 Free to Share
02/27/12 My First Love 240 Free to Share
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03/12/12 What Are You Striving For?
02/27/12 Give a Gift to God
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