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Name: Eric Christopher Jackson
Website: writingcreativity.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 81

 About Self
Eric Christopher Jackson is an emerging creative writer originally from South Florida. His writing ranges from poetry to screenplays. Eric’s first self-published book was featured on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly Select in November 2013. In the same month, he was also a “Featured Author of the Week” on BookWorks.com based in New York City. Screenwriting classes at Azusa Pacific University, taught by Susan Isaacs, Dr. Thomas Parham, and the late Jack Gilbert, helped shape Eric’s style of writing. Greg Michael, a former professor of APU (and Second Unit Director of films including “The Mummy” and “Van Helsing”) taught him about the importance of “the message” embedded into films. At The Art Institute, English professors, Kenneth Frawley and William Napier, Ph.D., also challenged Eric to write in a different genre and make it believable to the audience. Fall 2011, he experienced his first challenge as a screenwriter at the Azusa Pacific University 48-Hour Film Festival. After the story concept was developed among the team, Eric wrote the short script entitled, “No Fear.” It was used as a guide to lead the cast & crew in one direction. The improvisation and creativity of the team made the story better than it is currently written. Their talent and execution lead the Best Actor and Best Actress Awards along with the overall 1st Place Award. Ultimately, Eric is interested in creating meaningful and entertaining stories through visual and written work for films, books, and video games.
Article Archives
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02/20/15 Good bye Yesterday 28 For Sale
02/17/15 Brave 26 For Sale
02/17/15 Restless 28 For Sale
02/17/15 Will I Ever Be? 25 For Sale
09/02/14 The Judge 171 Not For Sale
09/02/14 Vanished 136 Not For Sale
09/02/14 Two Birds, One Stone 219 For Sale
09/02/14 Loved? 40 Not For Sale
05/30/12 Our First Response in a Crisis. 162 Free to Share
05/16/12 Become 176 Not For Sale
04/28/12 Raptured 291 Not For Sale
04/24/12 Too Cold for Meowing 189 Not For Sale
04/25/11 Do You Really Believe in a Talking Snake? 509 For Sale
04/22/11 Predestined Life 466 Free to Share
04/28/10 XMen The New Age 22 329 Not For Sale
04/25/10 XMen The New Age 19 297 Not For Sale
04/25/10 XMen The New Age 20 293 Not For Sale
04/25/10 XMen The New Age 21 319 Not For Sale
04/24/10 XMen The New Age 16 407 Not For Sale
04/24/10 XMen The New Age 17 330 Not For Sale
04/24/10 XMen The New Age 18 283 Not For Sale
04/23/10 XMen The New Age 13 348 Not For Sale
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