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Name: Rev. Brian Mathis
Website: www.bhmathis.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 272

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Well just a little about myself; I am an ordained minister with the Church of God Cleveland TN. I currently Serve as a Care Pastor to a wonderful group that calls themselves the Young@Heart. I am actively pursuing the qualifications to serve in chaplaincy in the military. I have recently completed my MDIV in Chaplain Studies at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and am currently working on a graduate certificate in Pastoral counseling. I write in an attempt to help myself understand God's word and how He has called me to live as I try to serve Him. What I share may not always be something you agree with but I hope that it can help provide comfort to you and guidance in your own life as you pursue God's calling. Have a Blessed Day in Christ
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/08/12 Anointed in Unity 218 Free to Share
07/07/12 Listening 201 Free to Share
06/14/12 Living in Covenant 257 Free to Share
06/05/12 Thy Will Be Done 294 Free to Share
06/04/12 Moving Forward with Purpose 207 Free to Share
05/25/12 Living Free Comes at a Cost 227 Free to Share
05/19/12 Thank You 208 Free to Share
05/14/12 What's the Word? 213 Free to Share
05/13/12 Are We Slaves 256 Free to Share
05/12/12 Child of God 192 Free to Share
05/11/12 The Light 183 Free to Share
05/10/12 The Witness 189 Free to Share
05/09/12 Out of Darkness 180 Free to Share
05/08/12 The Creator 181 Free to Share
05/07/12 The Word 176 Free to Share
05/04/12 The Importance of Vision 183 Free to Share
05/03/12 What is the Gospel 270 Free to Share
05/02/12 Accountable to Who 185 Free to Share
05/01/12 We Are the Watchmen 199 Free to Share
04/30/12 Tell Me Who 327 Free to Share
04/28/12 Serving Under Authority 306 Free to Share
04/27/12 Training for the Future 167 Free to Share
04/26/12 Load Bearing 201 Free to Share
04/25/12 Experiencing God's Love 180 Free to Share
04/24/12 Honey for Your Life 221 Free to Share
04/23/12 Zealous for God 139 Not For Sale
04/20/12 Noone Perfect Except One 210 Free to Share
04/19/12 The Master's Workmanship 177 Free to Share
04/18/12 Living By Faith 198 Free to Share
04/17/12 One True Purpose 186 Free to Share
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