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Name: Melissa Martin
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Articles written: 34

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Melissa adores the writing of poetry, short fictional stories, and other prose. As a former licensed ordained minister and former Christian counselor, she is compelled to understand and write about the human condition.
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10/10/11 Poems, Prayers, and Promises 581 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
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12/17/11 A Saved Hacker
11/20/11 Mr. and Mrs. Load
11/11/11 Jam (not the jelly)

Critique Circle Postings
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/22/2012 Writing and Jesus
01/22/2012 Jesus Dancer
01/14/2012 Tattooed Preacher
01/14/2012 No Condemnation in Jesus
01/13/2012 Cries of Humanity
12/28/2011 God's Birth
12/28/2011 Mary's Ovaries
12/28/2011 When Divinity Met Humanity
12/26/2011 Mary's Egg, God's Seed
12/26/2011 Bethlehem's Baby
12/22/2011 When Satan Killed God (when Satan tried to kill God)
12/22/2011 Three Greatest Events
12/22/2011 Jesus' Birthday Party
12/22/2011 Salvation is Under Your Christmas Tree
12/22/2011 Unwrapping God's Gift
12/22/2011 God's Greatest Gift, Himself
12/21/2011 God Crucified Himself
12/17/2011 The Winter of My Temptation
12/17/2011 Surreal Car Moments
12/12/2011 The Summer of My Pity Parties
12/06/2011 Heaven's Finest, Earth's Finest
12/06/2011 God on the Cross
12/04/2011 and we all bleed red when we are stoned
12/04/2011 The Killing People
12/04/2011 Stones No More, Essay on Peace, I Search for Answers as I Remember History
11/29/2011 Pastor Pickle the Bible Thumper
11/29/2011 Pickled Christian Covered in God's Sweet Grace Gravy
11/29/2011 Grace Amazing!
11/29/2011 Perfectionism is an Illusion
11/28/2011 Deepening Change, Books about Inspiration and Ultimately Deeper Change
11/28/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Eight, Holistic Change & Balance
11/28/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Seven, Relationships and Change
11/27/2011 Bible-ing
11/27/2011 Blood of Mercy
11/27/2011 Jesus' Mercy Blood
11/25/2011 Pride
11/25/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Six, Life, Death & Change
11/25/2011 Rescue Me
11/25/2011 Lift Up
11/25/2011 Mercy Blood
11/25/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Five, Spiritual Change
11/24/2011 Thankful for the Gift of Life
11/24/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Four, Cognitive Change
11/24/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Three, Emotional Change
11/24/2011 Deepening Change, Introduction to Workbook
11/22/2011 Middle Class Domestic Violence
11/22/2011 The Cycle
11/22/2011 Poisoned Passion
11/22/2011 Empathy Tears
11/22/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter Two, Physical Change
11/20/2011 Deepening Change, Chapter One, Nature & Change
11/20/2011 Change is Scary, Hairy, & Necessary
11/20/2011 Prisoner of My Fists
11/20/2011 Fist
11/20/2011 Scales
11/20/2011 Captive
11/20/2011 Kitchen
11/20/2011 Escape to Nowhere
11/20/2011 Wear My Body
11/15/2011 handpicked of humanity
11/15/2011 Haircut
11/13/2011 Chains of Freedom
11/13/2011 Plastic People
11/13/2011 God's Tears
11/13/2011 Fallen Humanity
11/13/2011 1960
11/13/2011 Rain
11/13/2011 Mr. and Mrs. Porcupine
11/13/2011 Thoughts [obsessive compulsive disorder]
11/13/2011 Word Weapons
11/13/2011 Funeral for a Marriage
11/12/2011 Tithing on Net or Gross
11/12/2011 Crockpot (not crackpot) Queen
11/11/2011 Poo Queen
11/10/2011 Three Men, Three Crosses
11/10/2011 Salvation and Two Choices
11/10/2011 Me Me Me Prayer
11/10/2011 Tongue Prayer
11/10/2011 Timex [Sibling Incest]
11/10/2011 Chaos
11/10/2011 Self-Assassin
11/10/2011 Snow Woman [Defense Mechanism]
11/10/2011 Guests and Toilet Bowl Cleansers
11/10/2011 Teenage Drivers
11/10/2011 Remote Control Disease
11/09/2011 Ice Cube
11/09/2011 Confusion [Adult Child of an Alcoholic- ACOA]
11/09/2011 Adversary or Ally [Marijuana Abuse]
11/09/2011 Deadly Disease [Alcoholism]
11/09/2011 Girls Are, Therefore They Shop
11/09/2011 Family Stress Test
11/09/2011 What's for Dinner?
11/09/2011 Grocery Shopping, It's an Adventure!
11/09/2011 Queen of the Dryer Lint
11/09/2011 Grandparents are Grand!
11/09/2011 Holidays are an Adventure
11/09/2011 Wacky American Customs and Holidays
11/08/2011 The Empty Nest Means Rest
11/08/2011 Two Bathrooms, humor
11/08/2011 Is There Romance After Children?
11/08/2011 Romance Quiz for Couples
11/08/2011 Romance Quiz for Men
11/08/2011 Romance Quiz for Women
11/08/2011 Coffee is the Fifth Food Group
11/08/2011 Life is Relationships
11/08/2011 Family Reunion
11/08/2011 Surreal Moments
11/08/2011 God became like Us
11/08/2011 If This Altar Could Talk
11/08/2011 Pearl Necklace
11/08/2011 Vietnam War Women
11/07/2011 Choice, Change, Choose
11/07/2011 Search [Abandonment & Neglect]
11/07/2011 Voice [Childhood Emotional Abuse]
11/07/2011 The Climbing Wall
11/07/2011 Emotional Cancer [Chronic Guilt]
11/07/2011 Love Stretches [Adoption]
11/07/2011 A Woman's Hands
11/07/2011 Ovaries
11/07/2011 My Daughter-Myself
11/04/2011 The Selfish Family Prayer
11/04/2011 Funeral for My Daughter, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 Second Chance, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 Secret, Childhood Sexual Abuse
11/04/2011 Living and Dying in a Glass Bottle
11/04/2011 Powdered Sex, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 Hostage, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 Liar, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 Glamour Girl, Drug Addiction
11/04/2011 A Memory of War, Vietnam Vet
11/04/2011 History, Vietnam War
11/04/2011 Broken Soldiers, Vietnam Vets
11/04/2011 It Is No Small Thing, Vietnam Vet
11/04/2011 Healing Wall, Vietnam Vets
11/04/2011 Unsung Heroes, Vietnam Vets
11/01/2011 Dancer
11/01/2011 Healing is a Mystery
11/01/2011 Childhood Places, sexual abuse
11/01/2011 Pet Therapy
11/01/2011 Mother Nature's Remedy
11/01/2011 Five Senses of Healing
11/01/2011 Battlefield of the Mind
11/01/2011 Music Box Ballerina
11/01/2011 Unclothed Debutant
11/01/2011 Alpha Infant
11/01/2011 Van der Sloot, a Mother's Worst Nightmare
10/31/2011 Treasure Chest
10/31/2011 Making Meaning
10/31/2011 How do I Change? Act, Alter, Arrange
10/31/2011 Spiritual and Religious Change
10/31/2011 Myths & Realities about Change
10/30/2011 The Joys and Not So Joys of Family Mealtime
10/30/2011 Grouches. Grumpies. Gripes.
10/28/2011 Endings and Beginnings
10/28/2011 Seashells
10/28/2011 Melissa's Epiphanies and Quotes
10/27/2011 Pink Envelopes
10/27/2011 Recollections
10/27/2011 Death, Another Door
10/27/2011 Beach Days and Memories
10/27/2011 Mirrors
10/27/2011 The Dance of Life
10/27/2011 Why Do I Write about Life?
10/27/2011 Choice
10/27/2011 Hysterectomy
10/27/2011 Emptied Uterus [Miscarriage]
10/27/2011 Forgiving Self [Abortion]
10/27/2011 Face of Ignorance
10/27/2011 Natalee
10/27/2011 Wretchedness of Humanity
10/27/2011 Eyes Closed
10/27/2011 Teenage Stones
10/27/2011 Different
10/27/2011 The Skinless Family
10/26/2011 Media Mesmerized
10/26/2011 Chasing Skinny
10/26/2011 Fantasy Places
10/26/2011 Mirror Image
10/26/2011 Fat Suit
10/26/2011 Chasing Thinness
10/26/2011 Plastic Girls
10/26/2011 The Courageous Five
10/10/2011 Until Death Do Us Part
10/10/2011 Meaning-Making
10/09/2011 The Old Woman in the Shoe
10/09/2011 The Color of God