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Name: Leonard Granger 
Website: TipTopWebsite.com/LensLines
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Articles written: 61

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Newly remarried April 1, 2013, retired, cattle farmer, Religious Newspaper Column writer
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/02/13 Fiji Island Bible Project 368 Free to Share
06/06/13 The Lord Still Answers Prayers and Knows Best 191 Free to Share
04/23/13 What Is A Woman? Mother's Day 361 Free to Share
04/23/13 My Jewish Friend 197 Free to Share
08/19/12 Greatest Bridge Builder 308 Free to Share
06/24/12 Born Again 360 Free to Share
05/10/12 Let Us Look To The Lord For Answers 262 Free to Share
03/20/12 Easter 206 Free to Share
03/20/12 Pray For A Safe Journey 311 Free to Share
02/14/12 What Is The Value Of A Lie? 282 Free to Share
01/02/12 Are we doing all we can to spread the Good Word to the Lost in this world? 285 Free to Share
12/27/11 Looking Forward To The ew Year 237 Free to Share
12/16/11 Merry Christmas What Does It Mean? 505 Free to Share
12/13/11 This sin of Porn can and may kill you, even Christians 1098 Free to Share
11/25/11 I Was A Male In The Womens Air Force Squadron 353 For Sale
11/22/11 Why Do We Attend Church 313 Free to Share
11/22/11 Only Man In Womans Air Force Squadron 416 Free to Share
11/22/11 The Bull Story Help Thy Neighbor 267 Free to Share
11/19/11 Remembering Thanksgiving Day of giving 275 Free to Share
10/26/11 Does God Answer Prayers? 523 Free to Share
09/27/11 Christians and Churches they select to serve the Lord 298 Free to Share
09/18/11 Family Bible 314 Free to Share
09/18/11 The Lord Is Our Shield 299 Free to Share
09/18/11 God Is Dead 472 Free to Share
09/17/11 Meditation and Prayer 438 Free to Share
09/05/11 September 11th is a day for Christian Prayer 312 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/23/15 Visit To Ungodly City
08/19/15 Extended Vacation In Greece
08/07/15 Reminder of Displeasing God
07/25/15 Short Train Trip
07/18/15 Picture Of Christians Worldwide
07/14/15 The Lord Changes The Ugly
07/03/15 The Lord Helps Our Travel
06/01/15 Praise and Prayer
05/24/15 Trust In The Lord
05/14/15 God's Battlefield
05/09/15 When Were You Saved
04/30/15 The Lord Blesses According To His Will
04/29/15 What Never Changes
04/18/15 Do We Look To The Lord For Answers
04/14/15 The Lord Used An Airplane
04/06/15 The Lord Blesses
03/07/15 Included in God;s Plans
02/25/15 Whom Do You Serve
02/05/15 Evil for Evil
01/24/15 God's Generous Creations
01/18/15 The Lord Provides
01/10/15 Christian marriage
12/07/14 A Life Change
11/29/14 The Lord Hears Our Prayers
11/21/14 Sand Castles
11/15/14 Christianity In The World
11/12/14 Spreading The Gospel
10/11/14 I Was A Male In The Woman's Air Force
10/07/14 A Life Of Blessings
09/11/14 Pray To God Our Father
09/04/14 Looking For Safe Home
08/28/14 Sand Castles
08/23/14 Five Steps To Failure
08/15/14 Man's Most Important Decision
08/10/14 Man's Helpmate

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/06/2015 Our Lord Used An Airplane
04/06/2015 The Bible Is More Than A book
12/28/2014 Is The Lord Our Master
12/16/2014 The World's Savior's Birthday
12/06/2014 The Lord Hears Our Prayers
12/06/2014 The Lord Hears Our Prayers
12/06/2014 The Lord Heals His Way
12/06/2014 Physical Blessings
08/27/2014 Old Testament Bible Truths
08/10/2014 Trust or Faith
08/10/2014 The Garden Soils
07/29/2014 Walking In The Spirit
07/29/2014 Reaching Others
06/16/2014 What Never Changes?
06/16/2014 The Lord Answers Prayers
06/16/2014 Where Is Your Church?
05/13/2014 God's Church
05/13/2014 Hope
04/18/2014 When Where You Saved
04/18/2014 Trials and Tribulations
04/16/2014 Create or Made
04/16/2014 The Great Communicator
02/14/2014 Walking With The Lord
02/10/2014 Praise The Lord
02/10/2014 The Lord Provides The Rain
12/31/2013 Contribution Of Jewish People To World
09/24/2013 The Lord Heals
09/24/2013 Heaven For Me
09/24/2013 The Walls Of Jerusalem
09/03/2013 Prayer Is Powerful
08/02/2013 Fiji Island Bible Project
07/13/2013 Is This Life God's Way
05/02/2013 I Am On The Battlefield For My Lord
04/28/2013 My Jewish Friend
04/28/2013 What Is A Woman-Mother'sDay
03/24/2013 Believe In Prayer
02/15/2013 Enter To Worship --Leave To Serve
02/15/2013 God's True Love
02/15/2013 The Lord's Flowers
11/04/2012 God's Creations
11/04/2012 The Lord Forgives Us
11/04/2012 We AreProtected
08/19/2012 Left Hand Is Blessed
08/19/2012 Bridge Builder Of All Time
08/19/2012 I Found The Answer
06/05/2012 What Goes Around Comes Around
06/05/2012 Christian Fellowsip
06/05/2012 Evil For Evil
06/03/2012 Born Again
01/22/2012 Are We Included In God's Plans
01/22/2012 Is ASAP Our Way Of Life
01/22/2012 Act Of God
12/13/2011 The Sin Of Porn May Kill You
12/09/2011 Christmas Is All Around Us
12/09/2011 Prayer Is Powerful
11/19/2011 Thanksgiving Day--Day of Giving Help
11/19/2011 God Gives Us Eternal Life
11/09/2011 The Day They Gave The Grocery Store Away
09/27/2011 Christians and Churches
09/24/2011 The Lord Is Our Shield
09/22/2011 God's Phone Number
09/17/2011 Faith In Our Lord
09/17/2011 Life is Like A Garden
08/25/2011 Easter In Norway
08/21/2011 Moment In Life
08/20/2011 Three Little Words We Fear