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Name: Abby Kelly 
Website: www.benjity.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 83

 About Self
I have been writing non-fiction and inspirational writing for about 15 years, with a drought in my twenties due to health reasons and discouragement. I know that I was created to write, and in whatever capacity God reveals, I want to use it to expand His kingdom. I recently finished the first draft of my memoir. It's my story of a girl from the "perfect" family who dances a long, slow duet with anorexia. Finally, in the wake of those dark days, God used the strength, patience and humility I gained through that pain to save my marriage. I am here to learn, to share and hopefully to find a clear direction for God's plan to use my writing for His glory.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/11/15 Searching For A Silver Lining 28 Free to Share
03/31/15 Love A Vain Pursuit 80 Free to Share
03/29/15 Exposed 62 Free to Share
03/16/15 How To Be God's Friend 92 Free to Share
03/09/15 Listening For Footsteps 80 Free to Share
03/09/15 What to Pray When There’s Nothing to Say 59 Free to Share
03/09/15 Faith is a Posture, Not a Process. Look Up. 69 Free to Share
03/09/15 Deflating the Misery Index 65 Free to Share
02/16/15 The Power In You 76 Free to Share
02/10/15 What's Your Name? 70 Free to Share
01/28/15 Book Review The Serpent Beguiled Eve 68 Free to Share
01/26/15 The Two Most Important Words Jesus Ever Said 112 For Sale
01/20/15 When Something Is Missing 76 Free to Share
01/19/15 Hope Reborn, A Modern Psalm 59 For Sale
01/14/15 Fear This 72 Free to Share
01/12/15 Who Knew There Were So Many Shades of Grace? 91 For Sale
01/09/15 How to Love and Be Loved 109 Free to Share
01/09/15 What's Wrong With Our Economy? 72 Free to Share
01/06/15 God Never Demands What He Does Not Enable 75 Free to Share
12/31/14 One Way to Love Your Enemy 74 Free to Share
11/26/14 Who's Is It? 70 Free to Share
11/21/14 In the Shadow and Wake 139 Free to Share
11/15/14 Debt Free 72 For Sale
11/15/14 God's Regret 94 Free to Share
11/05/14 Losing Its Luster 104 Free to Share
10/29/14 Shedding Shame 94 Free to Share
10/17/14 Exactly What God Wants Me To Do 125 Free to Share
06/26/14 Who'da Thought? 128 For Sale
06/02/14 Excellent and Praise Worthy 133 For Sale
05/24/14 Trust Your Gut 206 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/12/12 Two Fires, Endless Chances
02/01/12 Wagon Driver
01/26/12 It's Personal
09/14/11 In A World of Hurt
09/04/11 Where I GOT My Shoes
08/26/11 History is Always Unexpected
08/20/11 Horror, Hair-or, Error

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
09/28/11 Query letter to DOG FANCY magazine
09/11/11 Can I "Tough Love" My Spouse?
09/06/11 Doubly Adopted
08/31/11 A Wife Worth Rubies
08/23/11 My Way or the Highway
08/21/11 I'd Rather Give Her the Silent Treatment

Date Title
12/22/13 Surviving the Predatory Lies of Anorexia

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02/05/2015 How To Make a Happy Heart
01/30/2015 How To Keep Your Heart Healthy
01/18/2015 When You Wonder If Your Spouse is Saved
01/15/2015 The Wrong Way to Magnify God
01/06/2015 Misidentified Hunger and the Cure for Emotional Eating
12/31/2014 Watch What You Watch
11/26/2014 Not My Own
11/21/2014 How Christmas Can Tear You Away From Christ
11/13/2014 Perilous Freedom
11/13/2014 Free Food for the Best Dressed
11/04/2014 What to Think About the State of Things
10/29/2014 Three Keys for When Relapse Is On Your Doorstep
10/20/2014 What American Christians Do With Ebola
10/09/2014 Firing Anorexia
10/06/2014 Where "Okay" Is Enough
10/06/2014 Lessons on a Man, From the Inside
09/30/2014 Manpower--Passion and Purpose
09/11/2014 I'm Not Fighting
09/09/2014 Continuous Creation
08/19/2014 You Don't Know the Half of It
08/17/2014 The Bible and The Fleas
08/17/2014 An Interview With God's Word
08/14/2014 The Irrefutable Solution to Irreconcilable Differnces
08/09/2014 Forsake Your Calling
08/09/2014 Love Wrested, Lost...By the Giver
08/07/2014 Three Things You Didn't Know About the Bible
08/05/2014 Well Aged by Seasons
08/01/2014 Fanny Crosby: Glory When the Going Gets Tough
07/23/2014 I Don't Want to Look Like an iPhone
07/23/2014 How To Not Get Lost
07/21/2014 Someone Else's Summer
07/13/2014 A Worthy Prayer
07/11/2014 From Riches to Reliance
07/01/2014 The Thorn in My Side
06/26/2014 Active Rest
06/23/2014 Lord, Make Me Willing to Wonder
06/21/2014 Star Spangled History
06/16/2014 Feel the Sunrise
06/16/2014 In Your Light, I'm Glowing
06/16/2014 Praying Like a Sinner
06/13/2014 What Are You Training For?
06/09/2014 What I Thought God Wanted
06/02/2014 Reasons for Seasons and Rain
05/23/2014 An Exquisite Melding of History, Imagination and Insight
05/17/2014 When You Don't Know What To Say
05/09/2014 Not Just for Grown-Ups
05/09/2014 How to Be a Faith Hero
05/07/2014 In The Wake of the Valley
05/07/2014 Change Must Go Deeper
05/05/2014 It is Well With My Soul, A Hymn to Live By
04/17/2014 Intoxicating
04/17/2014 Be All To Me
04/14/2014 A Celebration of Song
04/03/2014 Easter is for Remembering
04/02/2014 Given Everything
03/12/2014 Book Review: Impervious
03/10/2014 The Fruit of Fretting
03/06/2014 Shame's Sneaky Relatives
03/03/2014 Against the Gates of Hell
02/21/2014 Choosing What I Believe
02/18/2014 Most Challenging and Enlightening Book Since the Works of C.S. Lewis
02/18/2014 When God Throws an Air Ball
02/12/2014 Love for the Lawless
02/03/2014 Why I NEEDED Anorexia
01/31/2014 Book Review: Passion Pursuit
01/22/2014 Good Intentions Don't Count
01/18/2014 Change the Standard
01/15/2014 Walking in Season
01/15/2014 Sinful or Sick?
01/14/2014 Who Is Your Calling?
01/13/2014 Mirror, Mirror
01/10/2014 Let's Start at the Very Beginning
01/08/2014 Peace-Inducing
01/03/2014 This Day
12/09/2013 The #1 Predatory Lie
12/04/2013 More than Expected
12/01/2013 What's In A Name?
11/24/2013 How to Know if God Likes You
11/22/2013 Whispers of Hope, A Book Review
11/11/2013 Five Steps to Cure Chronic Conversations
11/05/2013 He Sat Down
11/01/2013 Because He Lives
11/01/2013 Brave's Medical Miracle Pt. 2
11/01/2013 The Mysterious Presence of Peace
10/19/2013 Why I Create
10/19/2013 Poem From a Broken Writer
10/14/2013 How Can I Keep Silent
10/14/2013 Justice in Evangelism
10/09/2013 Dangerous Indifference
10/05/2013 Purposed to Create
10/05/2013 Puzzled
10/05/2013 Becoming His Temple
09/30/2013 Cause of Christ
09/30/2013 Privilege of the Prodigal
09/27/2013 Names Have Been Changed to Declare the Righteous
09/25/2013 Burning the Past
09/23/2013 First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage?
09/23/2013 A Heritage of Faithfulness
09/23/2013 Miracle on the End of a Leash
09/13/2013 Defaced
01/06/2013 Who Will I Be When I Grow Up?
09/06/2011 Red