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Name: Dave Walker 
Website: www.godintheicu.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 68

 About Self
Originally from Zimbabwe, I trained as a doctor and specialised in anaesthesia in Cape Town. I met the Lord in a radical way in 1978 and have been living for Him since then. I loved witnessing to my patients and praying with them and saw God come through in amazing ways. I worked most of my professional life in the city of Pietermaritzburg in South Africa, but then went to the Middle East and ran the Anaesthetic Department in a state-of-the-art hospital there. In many ways it was a true highlight in my career witnessing in lifestyle and word to Muslims. Sadly, my wife became ill there and I needed to bring her back to be with our family before she died. The Lord gave me a lovely new wife in Margie who is a real blessing. I retired from anaesthetics three years ago and took up writing. I had written an article at the age of sixteen about my trip up Kilimanjaro and won first prize in Boys' Own magazine but had written nothing since then. I find I absolutely LOVE it and tend to live in my stories, so absorbed do I get in them. I have written a book about my experiences, both personal and in praying with my patients, seeing God's hand in powerful ways. It is called God in the ICU. Please visit my website if you want to know more. I love being a part of the Faithwriters family and now that I have finished my book (well, writing and publishing -- one never finishes with the marketing etc.) I can get more involved with the competitions etc. I am getting hooked on the Challenge!
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