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Name: Joseph Perrello
Website: worthfindingcom/columns/perrello.html
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Articles written: 78

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Josprel is a resident of Western New York and is an ordained minister with an evangelical denomination. A three-year Air Force veteran, he served some thirty months in the South Pacific. Shortly after returning home, he surrendered to the Lord and studied for the ministry. Josprel holds a diploma in Bible Theology and Pastoral Studies from Valley Forge Christian College, in Phoenixville, PA. His post-graduate studies at the Wesleyan College in Allentown, PA (since merged with Houghton College in New York State) and the Clarksville Theological Seminary, earned him a degree in theology. In addition, he earned credits in marriage, family and personal counseling, as well as diplomas in the financial services. As a pastor for ten years in Attica, New York, at the request of Attica Correctional Facility administration, Josprel sponsored and conducted three-hour-long weekly Bible studies for the inmates. The class grew to some sixty-five inmate students. In addition, he led his congregation in the construction of a new sanctuary, fellowship area and educational wing. The new worship center was debt free in three years. During this time, he also conducted a three-time weekly radio program for five years. The correctional facility often requested his congregation's assistance for stranded prison visitors. One Saturday evening, an entire busload of thirty-eight such visitors from New York City was hosted by the church, using the fellowship area and classrooms as sleeping quarters. The prisons supplied meals, cots and bedding. As a result of the close working relationship between the Attica Prison and the Josprel's congregation, the prison's woodworking shop constructed a beautiful, six-foot, black walnut cross for the interior of the new sanctuary. Prison trustees hung it on a fieldstone background behind the platform. Several of Josprel's articles have appeared in his denomination's official publication, which has a world-wide circulation of over 1,000,000 subscribers. He also has been published in the official magazines of other church bodies. His article, "Horses in Heaven," that first appeared in his denomination's magazine, was republished in the magazine of home missionaries who minister to race track employees. "Mission Field on Wheels," an account that highlights the ministry of trucker chaplains, also initially was published by Josprel's denomination, as was, "Miracle in the Mud." Both were subsequently carried by publications of other denominations. Josprel currently is authoring two novels, "Beloved Apostate" and "Kanfal." Josprel authors a regular column on http://www.worthWorthfinding.com/columns/perrello.html, and also on Crossmap Christian Forums. His stories and articles also appear on ChistianWriters.com, GatheredTogether.org, Authorzone.com, and FaithWriters.com. He has a website at: http://www.geocities.com/josprel.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/07/09 The Brazen Serpent 286 Free to Share
03/26/09 The Apostate, the CEO, and the President 366 Not For Sale
03/24/09 The Red Suspenders Gang 342 Free to Share
10/22/07 Did Hitler have a Need to Worship? 1262 Free to Share
09/17/07 American-Born Hyphenated-Americanism 584 Free to Share
08/18/06 Not I, But Christ 496 Free to Share
07/29/06 The Archer of Paran Part Three Part Four and Conclusion 429 Not For Sale
03/24/06 The Return of the Prince of Persia Pt One 511 Not For Sale
02/20/06 To the Giving of Gifts There is no End by Josprel 561 For Sale
02/01/06 A Man of Faith 1168 Free to Share
10/06/05 Tested by Blessings - by Josprel 577 Free to Share
09/02/05 Spiritual Warfare - by Josprel 811 Free to Share
08/28/05 The Second Coming of Christ - by Josprel 483 Free to Share
08/28/05 A Superlative Forgiveness - by Josprel 549 Free to Share
08/26/05 Love's Wise Gentle Correction - by Josprel 543 Free to Share
08/17/05 The Home of Forgotten Kings - by Josprel 442 Free to Share
08/11/05 FIVE SMOOTH STONES - by Josprel 539 Free to Share
08/09/05 What Are You Doing For God? - by Josprel 461 Free to Share
01/27/05 Snow, A Patience Grower; by Josprel 635 Free to Share
01/23/05 The No-Fault Church: by Josprel 456 For Sale
01/21/05 Formulated Controls on God: by Josprel 666 Not For Sale
01/13/05 A Korean War Story: by Josprel 2372 Free to Share
10/31/04 Standing Tall: by Josprel 725 Free to Share
10/10/04 WHO IS THIS CHILD?: BY JOSPREL 642 Free to Share
10/02/04 Can These Bones Live?: By Josprel 698 Free to Share
09/15/04 Jesus Loves the Little Children: by Josprel 774 Free to Share
09/11/04 Attaining Christian Maturity: by Josprel 571 Free to Share
09/08/04 Wealth and the Christian: by Josprel 615 Free to Share
09/06/04 THe Lord's Table-Talk: by Josprel 714 Free to Share
09/04/04 Things That cannot be Shaken - Part One: by Josprel 478 Free to Share
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