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Name: Joe Floyd
Website: Spiritual-Light.com
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Articles written: 259

 About Self
Joe Floyd has been writing poetry for over forty years. His poetry has been published in Visions Christian Magazine. Born in Maryland, into a military family he has been blessed to travel and be exposed to the many cultures of the USA as well as cultures abroad. There are many things that tie everyone in the world together but the most significant is GOD who created all life on earth and our feelings, which lets us know how we are enjoying our life. We are all impacted by the will of God and secondly by the way we feel. If one doesn’t have both, then life can be very tough and may be without joy. Joe Floyd is a Christian and has accepted Jesus into his life because he found it impossible to do it alone. Through his poems whether happy or sad, feelings are touched as each message addresses Christian values. Feel the message, feel the words and get in touch with your own feelings. By trade, Joe is a corporate buyer and contract manager. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point class of 1976 and a co-founder of the Cadet Gospel Choir. He now lives in Miami, Florida and has a daughter, Icess, who aspires to become a famous movie star. Her backup plan is to be a lawyer.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/02/08 Keep Coming Back To Me 345 Free to Share
03/22/08 From The Eyes Of A Child 287 Free to Share
02/24/08 My Love For You 302 Free to Share
12/21/07 Loving The Season 329 Free to Share
10/21/07 My Anointing 369 Free to Share
10/19/07 A Reason For My Misery 340 Free to Share
09/25/07 The Biggest Lie 447 Free to Share
09/25/07 God Made This Day 341 Free to Share
09/19/07 In Pursuit of Happiness 387 Free to Share
09/19/07 Risky Choices 377 Free to Share
08/28/07 Your Faith Is Your Sight 248 Free to Share
08/28/07 Looking Up Towards God 428 Free to Share
05/10/07 Showing My Love Will Make You Smile 336 Free to Share
04/29/07 Only You My Love 723 Free to Share
04/22/07 Marry Me 644 Free to Share
04/21/07 Flowers 591 Free to Share
04/19/07 Our Dream 890 Free to Share
02/27/07 Feeling My Love For You 373 Free to Share
02/16/07 Dear Heavenly Father 357 Free to Share
11/13/06 My Happy Song 362 Free to Share
11/02/06 The Way We Are 351 Free to Share
11/01/06 Diamonds 285 Free to Share
10/19/06 You Can't Hide Your Love 464 Free to Share
10/18/06 Trusting God's Love 430 Free to Share
10/15/06 Shades of Love 452 Free to Share
10/15/06 The Return of The Little Angels 384 Free to Share
10/15/06 Thinking of You 436 Free to Share
06/10/06 A Precious Moment 476 Free to Share
06/10/06 Friendship is Essential to the Soul 370 Free to Share
05/06/06 God's Light 357 Free to Share
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