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Name: Joe Floyd
Website: Spiritual-Light.com
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Articles written: 259

 About Self
Joe Floyd has been writing poetry for over forty years. His poetry has been published in Visions Christian Magazine. Born in Maryland, into a military family he has been blessed to travel and be exposed to the many cultures of the USA as well as cultures abroad. There are many things that tie everyone in the world together but the most significant is GOD who created all life on earth and our feelings, which lets us know how we are enjoying our life. We are all impacted by the will of God and secondly by the way we feel. If one doesn’t have both, then life can be very tough and may be without joy. Joe Floyd is a Christian and has accepted Jesus into his life because he found it impossible to do it alone. Through his poems whether happy or sad, feelings are touched as each message addresses Christian values. Feel the message, feel the words and get in touch with your own feelings. By trade, Joe is a corporate buyer and contract manager. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point class of 1976 and a co-founder of the Cadet Gospel Choir. He now lives in Miami, Florida and has a daughter, Icess, who aspires to become a famous movie star. Her backup plan is to be a lawyer.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/02/12 Dance In The Rain 116 Free to Share
07/06/11 The Answer is Your Faith 171 Not For Sale
07/06/11 My Morning Prayer 204 Not For Sale
07/06/11 Gods Love Is A Blessing 204 Not For Sale
07/04/11 The True Definition Of Love 212 Not For Sale
07/04/11 Just Be A Blessing 195 Not For Sale
07/04/11 Speak To Your Mountain 315 Not For Sale
11/20/08 Our Happy Marriage 353 Free to Share
11/20/08 I Pray For You 260 Free to Share
11/07/08 Hope 312 Free to Share
11/06/08 To My Wife 287 Free to Share
11/04/08 Your Cup Runneth Over 239 Free to Share
11/01/08 My Reasons For Loving You 299 Free to Share
10/29/08 The Living Water 297 Free to Share
10/29/08 I'm God's Child 298 Free to Share
10/28/08 God Will Lead Me 265 Free to Share
10/26/08 Expecting Baby 300 Free to Share
10/10/08 The Loudest Voice Is Silence 402 Free to Share
10/05/08 Am I There Yet 339 Free to Share
07/21/08 Live Longer Naturally 267 Free to Share
07/20/08 Your Purpose For Today 327 Free to Share
07/18/08 I Will Not Be Moved 282 Free to Share
07/18/08 The AntiDepressant 448 Free to Share
07/18/08 10 Minutes in Silence 643 Free to Share
07/15/08 Wear Your Daily Best 299 Free to Share
06/15/08 Be Someone Elses Blessing 380 Free to Share
04/12/08 Your Violating Touch 340 Free to Share
04/11/08 You're Never Alone 454 Free to Share
04/08/08 This Is Our Day 325 Free to Share
04/04/08 God's Love Changes The World 351 Free to Share
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