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Name: Dana Smith
Website: www.ddayforamerica.com
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Articles written: 65

 About Self
Dana G Smith is author of D Day for America, coming out soon. He is a freelance writer, his articles appear on many sites on the net. He is the Watchman of the Watchman Institute for Biblical Research, Editor of The Watchman Prophecy News, and has two sites. http://www.wingswatchman.org and http://www.ddayforamerica.com. He writes on Biblical issues as they pertain to todays news. He also writes other inspiration, research, and freelance articles. For more information contact him today. Target articles, freelance writing, research, prophecy, doctrinal articles. You can find Sermons, teachings, links, and more on his websites.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/23/06 And The Blind shall see... 859 For Sale
06/23/06 Christ, Conflagration, and The Church 549 Free to Share
06/23/06 Anti Christís Super Computer online? 2127 Free to Share
06/20/06 Prophetic Days In American Prophecy 505 Free to Share
06/13/06 Prophetic Christian Times and Jesus Christ 328 Free to Share
06/13/06 The USA Replaced by The North American Federation? 345 Free to Share
06/08/06 Struggling Societal Strains and The True Purpose of God 279 Free to Share
06/07/06 Generational War, Opposing and Contradicting The Will of God 296 Free to Share
06/05/06 Un-exalted, Taking off The Ring of Christ 515 Free to Share
06/01/06 The True Test For Knowing If You Are In Christ Jesus 337 Free to Share
06/01/06 God Has Not Cast Away Israel, Why I Support Israel! 410 Free to Share
06/01/06 Living As Lights In a World of Distrust and Evil 289 Free to Share
05/31/06 Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem 312 Free to Share
05/31/06 What Of The Day? 295 Free to Share
05/31/06 Israel In Sight Of The Burning Fires 293 Free to Share
05/30/06 The Mystique of American Bacchanalia 446 Free to Share
05/30/06 The Beginning of Sorrows and the Bird Flu 470 Free to Share
05/30/06 Pluck Up, Pull Down Destruction 368 Free to Share
05/25/06 Opinions in Light of the Politics 516 Free to Share
05/25/06 Steroidal Sports, Buying the Million Dollar Perfomance. 573 Free to Share
05/25/06 Steroids, Moral or Immoral, the Answer lies within 3346 Free to Share
05/24/06 The First Church of Religiosity: Laodacian Style 438 Free to Share
05/24/06 The Coming Cosmic Chaoís of the Antichrist 322 Free to Share
05/24/06 The Year of Your Visitation O Church 437 Free to Share
05/22/06 Fulfilling the Tide of Persecution Prophecy-Part I 307 Not For Sale
05/22/06 Fulfilling the Tide of Persecution Prophecy-Part II 286 Free to Share
05/22/06 In Cavda Venenvm-Opus Dei, In the Tail is Poison-The Work of God 543 Free to Share
05/16/06 Growing Green Finding Sustenance in Christ 397 Free to Share
05/16/06 Hour glass of eternity, apocalypse, and the Kingdom 439 Not For Sale
05/13/06 Israels Right To Exist Made NonExistant By Its Own People 831 Free to Share
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05/02/06 Quintessentially Love

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