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Name: Kevin Probst
Website: www.kpprobst.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 153

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I am married to Shannon and I have three sons, Matt, Justin and Kameron. I am a licensed minister and I also teach History, Government, Economics and Apologetics at a private high school in Columbus, Georgia
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/24/12 What is Newtís Appeal to Evangelical Christians? 405 Free to Share
01/19/12 Would Einstein Think Us Insane? 236 Free to Share
01/16/12 Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Where Am I Going? 240 Free to Share
01/13/12 The True Witness 202 Free to Share
01/10/12 He Loved Me Still 189 Free to Share
01/08/12 Failing Schools: Focus On Symptoms Or Find A Cure 229 Free to Share
01/07/12 What Is Your Child Is Being Taught In Government Schools? 261 Free to Share
01/06/12 Public Schools: Education or Indoctrination 394 Free to Share
12/31/11 Are You Afraid To Die 396 Free to Share
12/28/11 Setting The Record Straight About Newt Gingrich 194 For Sale
12/27/11 Memo To All Secularists: Christians Are More Than Two-Dimensional. 212 Free to Share
12/21/11 Prayer In Public Schools: Who May And Who May Not Pray 221 Free to Share
12/21/11 A Christianís Response to the Banning of Prayer in Public Schools 410 Free to Share
12/16/11 Tim Tebow: The Most Interesting Man In The World 697 For Sale
12/14/11 The 'Living Dead' Among Us 264 Free to Share
12/11/11 The Truth They Could Not know 304 Free to Share
12/07/11 Heaven Is For Real And I Think You Will Like It 290 Free to Share
12/06/11 Mystery Man: Jesus Christ 242 Free to Share
12/03/11 Every Occupant Of Hell Remembers Crossing Their Rubicon 243 Free to Share
12/01/11 The Voices We Hear and the Voices We Donít 231 Free to Share
11/29/11 The Pickled Christian 221 Free to Share
11/21/11 President Obamaís Reaction to Saber Rattling in the Middle East 182 Free to Share
11/19/11 Occupy Wall Street: Connecting the Dots 221 Free to Share
11/17/11 What Went Wrong at Penn State? 173 Free to Share
11/14/11 Twelvers: Irrational, Irresponsible, Irreversible 273 Free to Share
11/12/11 The Truth About America Part 5 What Can We Do? 231 Free to Share
11/11/11 The Truth About America Part 4 Three Daggers in the Heart of America 216 Free to Share
11/10/11 The Truth About America Part 3 America Has Changed 176 Free to Share
11/09/11 The Truth About America Part 2 Our God Fearing Founders 227 Free to Share
11/08/11 The Truth About America Part 1 Who is Weeping for America? 234 Free to Share
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01/21/2013 Open Letter to Lance Armstrong