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Name: Sheldon Bass 
Website: http://www.growingupinjesus.com/
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Articles written: 143

 About Self
A Christian Minister, Sheldon writes to edify Christians and glorify God. He's an inspirational Speaker & Bible Teacher. Serves as a mentor to homeless men, teaching vocational classes for ex-convicts. Seeks to be a blessing to you. Writes in many genres. Personal website currently in transition. Blogs about maturing in faith & Leadership Development at http://www.Growingupinjesus.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/25/13 Marriage 208 Not For Sale
03/20/13 Praise God for Weakness 243 For Sale
03/20/13 Haste Makes Oops 192 For Sale
03/19/13 Three Days Against Eternity 171 For Sale
03/07/13 Prepared for Assault 254 Not For Sale
03/01/13 Pass the Salt 349 Not For Sale
02/24/13 Collecting Janglers 223 Free to Share
02/19/13 My Teacher the Sea 190 Not For Sale
02/15/13 Faith on Steroids 279 Not For Sale
01/25/13 Happily Married 218 Not For Sale
01/25/13 Trusting God 269 For Sale
01/24/13 A Heart for Others 457 Free to Share
01/16/13 Love is 288 For Sale
01/15/13 Spirit of Love 308 Free to Share
01/15/13 Battle Cry 329 Not For Sale
01/15/13 Spiritual Gym 210 Not For Sale
12/27/12 New Year Resolutions 328 Not For Sale
12/17/12 Getting to Know Him 186 Not For Sale
12/17/12 Heart Healer 201 Not For Sale
12/15/12 Is it Worth it? 185 Free to Share
12/14/12 The Mighty Alls 173 Free to Share
12/13/12 Dressing for Victory 216 Free to Share
12/13/12 The Home 198 Not For Sale
12/10/12 Show and Tell 184 Free to Share
12/10/12 Letter to Jesus 229 Free to Share
12/07/12 It's Worship Hour 205 Not For Sale
12/01/12 The Great Escape 190 Not For Sale
12/01/12 The Bottomless Well 206 Not For Sale
12/01/12 Me Sorry 268 Not For Sale
11/29/12 Fools For God 211 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/15/14 Big Secrets
09/13/14 Disturbing the Peace
09/10/14 Love Fills the Void
08/12/14 Buzz About Brains
08/07/14 Death on Either side
05/28/14 To Live is Love
04/23/14 Of Perks and Pains
04/16/14 Strategies of the Huntress
04/09/14 Chilling the Bully
03/06/14 Calloused Knees Needed
02/25/14 Leading the Least
01/28/14 The Defeat of Darkness
01/15/14 Acres of Agony
12/11/13 Comical Friendly Elephant
12/04/13 Charging at Life
11/19/13 When Faith is Challenged
10/26/13 The Daydream That Saved the Day
10/14/13 Scratch One Fat Cat
08/10/13 The Spice of Life
08/07/13 Dawning of the Longest Day
07/29/13 Little Pitchers Have Big Ears, Perfect Memory and Faith
07/15/13 The Flavor of Surprises
06/10/13 Humming Balm
05/27/13 Smoke Dog
05/19/13 Doorbell Detonator
04/30/13 Family Glue Dispenser
04/24/13 Death of a Killer
04/16/13 Everyone Needs a Good Master
04/06/13 The Sea of God
03/12/13 God Sharpens His Children
03/06/13 Tied Up in the Wood Shop
02/20/13 Unlocking Hope
02/08/13 His Notes in My Heart
02/03/13 The One Word Writing Assignment
01/29/13 Who Cares?
01/22/13 Family Week-End
01/14/13 Who Will Accept us?
11/14/12 The Home

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
07/22/14 Meet Him on the Mountain

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/24/2013 The Dirty Dozen
11/03/2012 Cherry Picking
02/12/2011 Obedient Doggies