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Name: Bobby Bruno
Website: bruno122002@gmail.com
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Articles written: 259

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Faith, Hope & Love in Jesus are all we need to live a joyous life.
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07/25/14 What Is Love? – God’s Point-of-View (Part Four) 470 Free to Share
06/04/14 The Shape of Things to Come 403 Free to Share
06/04/14 The Shema 435 Free to Share
06/03/14 Deuteronomy 6:1-9 Devotional 428 Free to Share
06/03/14 Leadership Qualities of Moses and Joshua 731 Free to Share
06/03/14 Remembering God 442 Free to Share
06/02/14 The Consequences of Sin 471 Free to Share
06/02/14 The Cyclical Nature of Israel's Disobedience 563 Free to Share
06/02/14 By The Numbers – The Nation of Israel 412 Free to Share
05/30/14 The Role of the Book of Leviticus 476 Free to Share
05/30/14 The Five Types of Sacrifices 696 Free to Share
05/30/14 Numbers 23:19 Devotional 548 Free to Share
05/29/14 Leviticus 7:1 Devotional 534 Free to Share
05/29/14 The Sacrificial System of the Old Testament 578 Free to Share
05/29/14 It’s Not My Fault My Legs Won’t Work! 490 Free to Share
05/28/14 Moses’ Faith 408 Free to Share
05/28/14 The Golden Calf – Fast Food Apostasy 563 Free to Share
05/28/14 The Plagues 492 Free to Share
05/27/14 Jacob 599 Free to Share
05/27/14 Trusting God Devotional 528 Free to Share
05/27/14 Passover (Exodus 12:13-49) 915 Free to Share
05/23/14 Genesis Significance 709 Free to Share
05/23/14 The Character of Abraham 707 Free to Share
05/23/14 Chronology of Sin 457 Free to Share
05/22/14 A Prophet’s Understanding – Forth or Fore Tellers? 3307 Free to Share
05/22/14 The Prophets 496 Free to Share
05/22/14 Genesis 6:5 Devotional 421 Free to Share
05/21/14 Covenant Promises of Ezekiel 36:22-38 390 Free to Share
05/21/14 Isaiah 9:1-7 Prophecy 475 Free to Share
05/21/14 Messianic Prophecies 467 Free to Share
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07/25/2014 What Is Love? God's Point-of-View (Part Four)
06/04/2014 The Shema
06/04/2014 The Shape of Things to Come
06/03/2014 Remembering God
06/03/2014 Leadership Qualities of Moses and Joshua
06/03/2014 Deuteronomy 6:1-9 Devotional
06/02/2014 By The Numbers The Nation of Israel
06/02/2014 The Cyclical Nature of Israel's Disobedience
06/02/2014 The Consequences of Sin
05/30/2014 Numbers 23:19 Devotional
05/30/2014 The Five Types of Sacrifices
05/30/2014 The Role of the Book of Leviticus
05/29/2014 It's Not My Fault My Legs Won't Work!
05/29/2014 The Sacrificial System of the Old Testament
05/29/2014 Leviticus 7:1 Devotional
05/28/2014 The Plagues
05/28/2014 The Golden Calf Fast Food Apostasy
05/28/2014 Moses' Faith
05/27/2014 Passover (Exodus 12:13-49)
05/27/2014 Trusting God Devotional
05/27/2014 Jacob
05/23/2014 Chronology of Sin
05/23/2014 The Character of Abraham
05/23/2014 Genesis Significance
05/22/2014 Genesis 6:5 Devotional
05/22/2014 The Prophets
05/22/2014 A Prophet's Understanding Forth or Fore Tellers?
05/21/2014 Messianic Prophecies
05/21/2014 Isaiah 9:1-7 Prophecy
05/21/2014 Covenant Promises of Ezekiel 36:22-38
05/20/2014 Isaiah 1:18 Devotional
05/20/2014 The Messiah
05/20/2014 Praise and Worship Devotional
05/19/2014 An Analysis of the Poetic Books of the Bible
05/19/2014 Wisdom
05/19/2014 Parallelism in the Bible
05/18/2014 Psalm 23:4 Devotional
05/18/2014 Analyzing Scriptural History
05/18/2014 The Role of Minor Characters in the Bible
05/17/2014 A Judge's Role in the Bible
05/17/2014 Joshua's Courage
05/17/2014 Israel s Division
05/16/2014 Scriptural Themes of Genesis to Deuteronomy
05/16/2014 The Impact of Israel
05/16/2014 Acts 13:22, 36 Devotional
05/15/2014 A Tiny Look at Genesis 15 and 17
05/15/2014 Analyzing Moses
05/15/2014 Two Way Looking
05/14/2014 The Prophet Jeremiah Devotional
05/14/2014 Monotheism
05/14/2014 Human Problems and Solutions from the Book of Genesis
05/13/2014 The Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments
05/13/2014 The World of the Bible and of its Writing
05/13/2014 The Best and Worst Major Events in the History of Mankind
05/12/2014 The Books of History Joshua through Esther
05/12/2014 The Pivotal Chapter of the Bible Genesis Three
05/12/2014 Interpreting the Bible
05/11/2014 What are the Apocryphal Books?
05/11/2014 Old Testament Devotional
05/11/2014 The Seven Letters of Revelation
05/10/2014 The Who, Where, When, and Why of the Book of Hebrews
05/10/2014 Reading Insights from Second Peter and Revelation
05/10/2014 The Importance of Reading the Bible Devotional
05/09/2014 Letter to a Young Pastor
05/09/2014 Paul's Prison Epistles
05/09/2014 Reading Insights
05/08/2014 The Apostle Paul Devotional
05/08/2014 The Formation of the Church: What Empowered its Development?
05/08/2014 Reading Insights
05/07/2014 Learning from History
05/07/2014 Acts 1:8 Devotional
05/07/2014 Reading Insights
05/06/2014 John's Relationship and Position with Jesus Christ
05/06/2014 Son of Man and Son of God
05/06/2014 John 20:30-31 Devotional
05/05/2014 The Synoptic Gospel Problem
05/05/2014 The Sermon on the Mount
05/05/2014 A Personal Testimony
05/04/2014 The Interpretation of Paul's Letters Over the Years
05/04/2014 My Favorite Pauline Epistle: Romans
05/04/2014 Paul and the 21st Century Church: Divorce
05/03/2014 1 Corinthians 8:1 Devotional
05/03/2014 Interview with a Pastor
05/03/2014 Abortion: Why All the Killing?
05/02/2014 Paul's Political Views
05/02/2014 Sanctification
05/02/2014 1 Corinthians 15:14 Devotional
05/01/2014 The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Apostle Paul's Ministry
05/01/2014 The Foundation of Paul's Theology
05/01/2014 The Center of It All The Theology of the Apostle Paul
04/30/2014 Arguments Surrounding Salvation
04/30/2014 What Makes a Church Successful Devotional
04/30/2014 The Value of Grace
04/29/2014 Paul's Pre-Damascus Event
04/29/2014 The Old Perspective and New Perspectives on Paul
04/29/2014 Conversion or Call
04/28/2014 Formulas and Rhetorical Devices used by the Apostle Paul
04/28/2014 The Cultural Influences on the Apostle Paul's Letters to the Churches
04/28/2014 The Function of Philippians
04/27/2014 Praying Before Witnessing
04/27/2014 Strategy Proposal for Successful Incorporation of New Believers into the Church
04/27/2014 Assimilation Assumptions
04/26/2014 Study Insights of Paul and Jesus Christ
04/26/2014 Study Insights of Philip the evangelist and Ananias
04/26/2014 Acts 2:47 Devotional
04/25/2014 The Word in Witnessing
04/25/2014 Study Insights of Simon Peter and Stephen
04/25/2014 Vital Questions About Witnessing
04/24/2014 Providing a Choice
04/24/2014 Colossians 2:6-7 Devotional
04/24/2014 The Importance of "Oikos" Today
04/23/2014 Active Listening
04/23/2014 Acknowledging Excuses for not Sharing the Gospel
04/23/2014 Study Insights of Philip and the Woman of Samaria
04/22/2014 Obedience in Proclaiming the Gospel
04/22/2014 Building Bridges
04/22/2014 The Power of Prayer
04/21/2014 Discipleship in the First Century Church
04/21/2014 My Faith Story
04/21/2014 Study Insights: John the Baptist and Andrew the Disciple
04/20/2014 Evangelism
04/20/2014 Effective Praying
04/20/2014 Theology of Salvation
04/19/2014 Theology of God
04/19/2014 The Importance of Holy Communion and Worship
04/19/2014 The Holy Spirit's Role in the Christian's Life
04/18/2014 The Holy Spirit in the Christian Experience
04/18/2014 The Ekklesia of God
04/18/2014 The Structure of the Church
04/17/2014 The Person and Work of Christ
04/17/2014 The Second Coming of Christ
04/17/2014 The Importance of the Bible
04/16/2014 The Church and Kingdom Relationship
04/16/2014 Holy Communion & Worship
04/16/2014 The Shedding of Blood Devotional
04/15/2014 The Holy Spirit and the Church
04/15/2014 God's Plan
04/15/2014 The Divinity of Christ
04/14/2014 Humanity and the Second Adam
04/14/2014 Theology
04/14/2014 The Upper Room
04/12/2014 Newfound Implications on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
04/12/2014 Comparative Study of the Gospels of Matthew and John
04/12/2014 The Centrality of the Resurrection
04/11/2014 The Lord's Return
04/11/2014 Acts 1:11 Devotional
04/11/2014 The Teaching Methods of Jesus Christ
04/10/2014 The Soil of Matthew 13
04/10/2014 Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?
04/10/2014 Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven
04/09/2014 Parable Interpretation
04/09/2014 James 3:1 Devotional
04/09/2014 Researching the Miracles
04/08/2014 The Disciples and Jesus' Miracles
04/08/2014 The Authority of Jesus
04/08/2014 The Sabbath
04/07/2014 John 1:1-5 Devotional
04/07/2014 Repentance Today
04/07/2014 Modern Temptations
04/06/2014 Gospel Features
04/06/2014 Repentance
04/06/2014 Testing and Temptation
04/05/2014 Mark 1:15 Devotional
04/05/2014 A Witness Comparison
04/05/2014 Cultural Context of the Gospels
04/04/2014 The Synoptic Problem
04/04/2014 Implications
04/04/2014 The "Story" of Jesus -- Inspiration and Warning
04/03/2014 SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
04/03/2014 Esther's God
04/03/2014 Personal Goals
04/02/2014 Motivation and Commitment
04/02/2014 Learning Devotional
04/02/2014 Inductive Study for Luke 15:11-32 (The Prodigal Son)
04/01/2014 Hook/Book/Took Lesson Plan for Luke 15:11-32
04/01/2014 Using Secondary Resources for Isaiah 6:10 & Romans 5:1-2
04/01/2014 Biblical Character Peter the Apostle
03/31/2014 Doctrine Topics
03/31/2014 Baptism
03/31/2014 Cross-Referencing
03/30/2014 Applications of Acts 15
03/30/2014 Community Learning
03/30/2014 Studying the Persons of God
03/29/2014 The Trinity Devotional
03/29/2014 The History of the Bible
03/29/2014 Principles of Bible Study
03/28/2014 Obvious Questions Answered for 1 John 5
03/28/2014 Methods in Making Observations When Interpreting the Bible
03/28/2014 Evaluation of Observations
03/27/2014 Reading the Bible First
03/27/2014 The Book of Life Devotional
03/27/2014 Paul's Trials
03/26/2014 The Ending of Acts
03/26/2014 Arrested! But Not Untested
03/26/2014 Favorable Factors in the Separation between the Jews and Christianity
03/25/2014 Acts 26:12-18 Devotional
03/25/2014 The Work in Ephesus
03/25/2014 To Worship the Unknown God
03/24/2014 Lydia's Ministry
03/24/2014 Agabus' Advice
03/24/2014 Acts 17:13-15 Devotional
03/23/2014 The Influence of Rome on Christianity
03/23/2014 Peter's Rooftop Vision
03/23/2014 Cornelius and Divine Coincidence
03/22/2014 What Is Love? -- God's Point-Of-View (Part Three)
03/22/2014 Barnabas' Influence
03/22/2014 Acts 13:1-3 Devotional
03/22/2014 In Stephen's Defense
03/21/2014 Saul's Conversion
03/21/2014 The Roman Road and Hospitality at Its Best
03/21/2014 Rollercoaster Zeal -- Change Happens
03/20/2014 Acts 6:1-4 Devotional
03/20/2014 The Gift of Tongues
03/20/2014 Luke's Role in the Writing of Acts
03/19/2014 Post-Pentecostal Issues of the Early Church
03/19/2014 The Holy Spirit
03/19/2014 The Early Church
02/06/2014 What Is Love? -- God's Point-Of-View (Part Two)
01/27/2014 What Is Love? -- God's Point-Of-View (Part One)
02/19/2013 What Is Love? -- The World's Point-Of-View
01/04/2013 The Promise of Hope -- Hope Redeemed
12/19/2012 The Promise of Hope -- Hope Realized
04/13/2012 How Will Knowing Jesus Give Me Hope -- For Those Who Don't Believe
04/03/2012 How Will Knowing Jesus Give Me Hope -- For Those Who Believe
10/19/2011 How Will Jesus Help Me During My Suffering -- His Self
07/29/2011 How Will Jesus Help Me During My Suffering -- His Faithfulness
06/16/2011 How Will Jesus Help Me During My Suffering -- His Deliverance
06/03/2011 How Will Jesus Help Me During My Suffering -- His Salvation
05/25/2011 The Suffering Of Jesus Christ -- His Flesh
05/12/2011 The Suffering Of Jesus Christ -- His Example
05/06/2011 The Suffering Of Jesus Christ -- His Holiness
04/22/2011 Why Do I Suffer -- The Privilege
04/12/2011 Why Do I Suffer -- The Purpose
04/12/2011 What Is Hope?
04/11/2011 How Do I Know I Can't Lose My Salvation?
04/11/2011 What Did Christ's Ascension Into Heaven Do For Me
04/09/2011 Confident Trust In The Savior
04/09/2011 What Are The Benefits Of Salvation -- God's Service
04/08/2011 What Are The Benefits Of Salvation -- God's Protection
04/08/2011 What Are The Benefits Of Salvation -- Knowing God
04/07/2011 What Are The Benefits Of Salvation -- Eternal Life
04/07/2011 What Will I Do When My Faith In Jesus Brings Me Salvation
04/01/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Jesus' Love For Me
03/30/2011 How Jesus Saved My Life
03/29/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In My Love For Jesus
03/28/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Trust And Worry
03/27/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Confession
03/24/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Forgiveness
03/22/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Healing
03/21/2011 What Will Jesus Do For Me If I Have Faith In Him -- In Prayer
03/21/2011 How Can I Be Saved By Jesus Christ's Death And Resurrection?
03/19/2011 What Does Jesus' Death On The Cross Mean For Me As A Sinner?
03/16/2011 Why Did God Send His Son To Die For Me?
03/15/2011 Why Do I Need Faith In Jesus Christ?
03/14/2011 How Do I Obtain Faith In Jesus Christ?
03/11/2011 How Does Having Faith Help Me?
03/10/2011 Why Do I Need To Have Faith In Jesus Christ?
03/09/2011 What Is Faith?
03/08/2011 What Are You Seeking?