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Name: Louise Willard
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Articles written: 79

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I have been a Christian for 37 years. I love the Lord and am an avid studier of the Word and have been since I was saved. I am a published writer, speaker, teacher and have worked in many areas of ministry...Children's; Women's; Prison; Nursing Home; Street and Homeless Ministry; Cherokee Children Mission; and many others...even a radio show for a season. You can cover a lot in 37 years of serving the Lord! My hearts cry is to help others come to a better understanding of the Word and a greater place of intimacy with the Lord. I am working on two books at the moment and hope to have them both ready for publication by this time next year. Made a new commitment to dedicate myself to those two projects specifically this year. And of course, maintaining my blogs. Currently studying digital publishing and just beginning to branch out in that area. Excited about my life! Loving God and learning as much as I can everyday so that I can be more effective for the Kingdom.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/28/13 Be Still and Know 101 For Sale
04/02/13 The Rewards of Obedience 174 Free to Share
03/04/13 Another Wonderful Day With Him 131 Free to Share
02/07/13 Strength For The Journey 126 Free to Share
02/06/13 Safe In His Love 128 Free to Share
01/30/13 He Knows the Plans He Has for You 126 For Sale
01/22/13 God Has the Answer, Because God is the Answer 152 Free to Share
12/15/12 Another School Shooting? Someone Better Wake Up 251 For Sale
11/30/12 My Blessed Assurance Now and Forever 158 Not For Sale
11/04/12 A Progress Report From A Joyful Pilgrim 187 Free to Share
10/29/12 The Only True Leader 146 For Sale
10/24/12 Understanding the Reality of God 189 For Sale
10/20/12 My Greatest Joy 164 For Sale
10/18/12 When God Speaks, Things Change 209 Free to Share
10/16/12 Study to Show Yourself Approved 163 Free to Share
10/12/12 The Mind Is A Battleground 207 For Sale
10/10/12 A Merry Heart Really Is Good Medicine 327 Free to Share
09/20/12 The Cry of My Heart 167 Not For Sale
09/18/12 Meeting God in Everyday Things 205 Free to Share
07/27/12 My Purpose and Commitment 195 Free to Share
07/18/12 A Simple Truth 192 Free to Share
07/14/12 You Live and You Learn 172 Free to Share
07/08/12 You Need A Friend 216 For Sale
07/06/12 How Big is Your God? 230 Free to Share
07/04/12 He Is Our Hope 212 Free to Share
06/15/12 God the Casting Director 332 Free to Share
06/13/12 Parenting 101? 202 Free to Share
05/16/12 Trusting in Him and Romans 8, Verse 28 207 Not For Sale
05/07/12 Free Falling and Trusting in Him 204 For Sale
04/25/12 Staying Ready to Be Used By God 191 Not For Sale
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02/05/11 A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing, But Sometimes, It's Just Funny

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