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Name: George Charles
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Articles written: 51

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I've written political and Christian articles that have been put in the daily newspaper. I wrote a course study on creation for a church showing that time is not a constant in the universe. I love to dig deep and analyze everything. Many years ago I asked the Holy Spirit to be my teacher and I believe He has helped. I've written articles on creation bringing to light the lies scientists have told us concerning speciaiton evolution. I am always prepared to defend the faith. I present a mixture of Evangelical and Catholic religions. I have been a member of both faiths and I would somehow try to show how they are both similar. A house divided against itself can not stand. I intend on showing how the events of today correspond as to the prophecies. I also hope to update how Satan has the Catholic Church in his crosshairs and has had some success.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/17/14 Rapture The Antioch Catholic Church 228 Free to Share
03/16/14 Jesus is God 154 Free to Share
01/06/13 Evolution, Not Even a Theory 255 Free to Share
10/30/12 Law For the Gentiles 156 Free to Share
08/14/12 Always Without Error 399 Free to Share
08/10/12 Grading the Frankfurt School August 11, 2012 243 Free to Share
08/07/12 Jesus is God August 8, 2012 213 Free to Share
08/07/12 Bible Study Creation August 6 2012 200 Free to Share
08/03/12 End of Age Need to Know August 1 2012 220 Free to Share
07/28/12 End of Age Need to Know July, 26 2012 207 Free to Share
07/25/12 End of Days Need to Know July 25th 221 Free to Share
07/23/12 End of Age Need to Know July 23, 2012 425 Free to Share
04/23/12 Prophecy 5 document 484 For Sale
04/23/12 Prophecy 6 404 For Sale
04/20/12 Real Enemy Eposed 363 For Sale
04/20/12 The Hidden Enemy in Plain Sight Part 1 599 For Sale
04/20/12 The Hidden Enemy Part 2 257 For Sale
03/16/12 History of the Eucharist 249 For Sale
02/21/12 We Believe in One Composite God 495 Free to Share
02/16/12 Esau to ZionistsThe Progression 333 For Sale
02/13/12 Baalberith Another Fallen Angel 848 For Sale
01/24/12 The New Spirit 238 For Sale
01/05/12 Bible Unicorns 634 For Sale
01/03/12 Helen Thomas was Right 264 Free to Share
12/28/11 Christian Emergency 272 Free to Share
11/23/11 Catholic Progressives 271 Free to Share
10/27/11 Esau 'Jews' of Their Father the Devil Part 1 471 Free to Share
10/24/11 Fig Tree Generation 475 Free to Share
10/14/11 Catholic Signs of the Times 414 Free to Share
04/12/11 The Prosperity Preachers Cult Part 1 811 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/03/12 Junk Food and Junk Religion
08/21/12 More Than Just Bread
08/16/12 The Greatest Banquet Ever
01/30/12 Openings in the Church
01/25/12 Agreed:New Spirit is Real
12/15/11 Edomites Media
05/02/11 The Greatest Blowout
03/15/11 Eternity Through Salvation
03/08/11 'Wait a Minute'
02/28/11 Worth the Time
02/18/11 21st Century-Bad Start-Great Ending
02/13/11 Week Equals 360 Days(?)
02/07/11 Fig Tree Ends a Great Era
01/24/11 More Years-More Tears

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