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Name: Carl Parnell 
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Articles written: 101

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I retired from public school teaching in 1999. I have taught history and other social science courses for over forty years. I have taught at the middle school, high school, and college level. I was a Lead Teacher and Principal of the On-Campus School at Georgia Baptist Children’s Home in central Georgia. Presently, I am teaching at a private, Christian high school. I served in the United States Army from 1968-1971. I also served in the United States Air Force Reserves from 1983-1986. I was chosen Teacher of the Year in l991. I also was included in the 1993, 1994 and 2007 editions of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. I was selected Star Teacher at my present school in 2007. I published my first book, From Schoolhouse to Courthouse: Exposing America’s New Terror from Within (ISBN: 1-58736-613-4) in July 2006. I also have been a guest columnist for several conservative blog sites. Currently, my articles appear at Faithwriters.com.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/16/12 For the Time Is at Hand (Part I) 333 Free to Share
03/05/12 President Obama’s New Public Relations’ Strategy: Use the Name of Jesus to Get Support for His Agenda 361 Free to Share
02/22/12 Is America Spiraling Toward Fascism (Part III) 342 Free to Share
02/17/12 Is America Spiraling Toward Fascism (Part II) 338 Free to Share
02/14/12 Is America Spiraling Toward Fascism (Part I) 322 Free to Share
01/23/12 America’s Variable, Christian Church 377 Free to Share
01/13/12 Government-Categorized Homegrown Terrorists 1503 Free to Share
01/04/12 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 14) 398 Free to Share
12/15/11 At the Sound of Santa’s Great Name 433 Free to Share
12/12/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 11) 516 Free to Share
12/09/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 10) 366 Free to Share
12/07/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 9) 798 Free to Share
12/02/11 America’s Greatest Threat to Liberty: The Usurpation of the U.S. Constitution 578 Free to Share
11/30/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 8) 386 Free to Share
11/17/11 Once Upon a Time 548 Free to Share
11/11/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 5) 568 Free to Share
11/09/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 4) 696 Free to Share
11/04/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 3) 559 Free to Share
10/31/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 2) 437 Free to Share
10/28/11 The Exodus of the Cross from Christianity 416 Free to Share
10/24/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 1) 690 Free to Share
10/18/11 America, a Nation that Has Forgotten the Story 460 Free to Share
10/03/11 To All Doubting Thomases: Christian Persecution Does Exist in America 1378 Free to Share
09/09/11 The Merger of Christianity and Islam: Another Abomination to the Lord God Jehovah 876 Free to Share
08/30/11 The Cardinal Sin of America’s Christian Church: Accepting Satan’s Substitute Plan of Salvation 448 Free to Share
07/29/11 The Federal Government’s Cardinal Sin: Turning Its Back on the Lord God Jehovah 578 Free to Share
07/16/11 America’s Postmodern One-Sided Freedom of the Press 664 Free to Share
05/24/11 Land for Peace in Israel: A Direct Violation of God’s Holy Word 405 Free to Share
05/20/11 As the Church Goes, So Goes the Nation 1508 Free to Share
05/13/11 Christianity: the Religion of the Second Chance 705 Free to Share
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01/19/11 A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution: America's Postmodern Anti-Christian Crusade

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