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Name: Nancy Bucca
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Articles written: 190

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I am a young-at-heart mother of four grown and almost grown children (all wonderful blessings from the Lord). Writing is my passion, and I hope to have a book successfully published some day. I did have subsidy published a cartoon book called Pirates, Trees, and Spelling Bees. It is a remedial phonics reader based on - you guessed it - words with the long e sound. It hasn't sold many copies since I happen to be much better at writing and drawing than advertising. I now specialize in writing Biblically based stories on topics related to healing of the body and/or soul, and am in the process of editing/rewriting the first of several planned Biblically based superhero stories for children. I do enjoy writing skits (when given the opportunity), and look forward to one day having a longer play published. For anyone who happens to be new to the site, Faithwriters has been a great help to me in getting feedback for my writing, especially with all their writing challenges. I highly recommend this site to anyone with a love for the faith and for writing.
Article Archives
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10/27/10 Sam Here I Am 316 For Sale
10/25/10 Writer's Ice Block 506 For Sale
10/22/10 A Pastor's Calling 799 For Sale
10/22/10 A Pastor's Calling Part II Sources of Frustration For The Flock 889 For Sale
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10/20/10 Cereal Killers 418 For Sale
08/30/10 Medicine To Die For Part VI 298 For Sale
08/30/10 Medicine To Die For Part VII 277 For Sale
08/30/10 Medicine To Die For Part VIII 300 For Sale
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08/05/10 Medicine To Die For, Part IV 262 For Sale
08/03/10 Medicine To Die For, Part I 300 For Sale
08/03/10 Medicine To Die For, Part II 289 For Sale
08/03/10 Medicine To Die For, Part III 319 For Sale
07/26/10 He Helped My Unbelief 292 For Sale
07/23/10 What Does It Take? 279 Free to Share
07/23/10 Forgiving Hands 462 Free to Share
07/23/10 Dismantling the Groves 287 Free to Share
07/22/10 The Good Samaritan's Path to Spiritual Gifts, Part II 468 Free to Share
07/22/10 Vision Works 387 Free to Share
07/16/10 The Good Samaritan's Path to Spiritual Gifts, Part I 387 Free to Share
07/04/10 Does God Have a Purpose For Discouragement In Your Life? 628 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
06/04/14 Called to Something More
04/10/14 His and Her Togetherness, the Hard Way
03/13/14 No Ordinary Date
02/12/14 The Original and Everlasting Filling Station
01/22/14 Man of Many Jewels
01/16/14 Little Miss Invisible
12/11/13 Sweet Gold From the Belly of the Beast
12/04/13 Is This Killer Diet Worth It?
11/20/13 The Ax That Finally Got Max
11/14/13 Queen Bee Versus Praying Mantis
10/24/13 Nervil's Accidental Revenge
10/16/13 The Secret War
09/18/13 Fear of Failure
09/12/13 Virtue That Exceeds Pearls
09/04/13 Mister Stingy's New House
08/29/13 In Light of Yellow Rose
08/22/13 Sarah's Prison
08/02/13 Time's Up, Old Man
07/31/13 How to Cool a Hothead
07/25/13 Not His Job
07/17/13 Religious Robots
06/06/13 Fall of Babylon
05/21/13 When Male and Female Work as One
05/09/13 Burger Queens
05/01/13 Deceitfully Delicious
04/17/13 Sure Cure for Chirpies
04/10/13 Child's Play
12/03/12 From Rejection to Acceptance
11/07/12 Apron Craft Meets Spotless Lamb
10/17/12 Oh Foolish Man
10/09/12 The Joke's on Them
09/05/12 One Big Giant Diabolical Machine of Lust
08/29/12 A Little Bit of Honey
08/22/12 Shopping Perils
08/15/12 The Preliminaries
08/04/12 Manna to the Rescue
08/01/12 The Unforgettable Kiss
07/25/12 Fresh Union Soup
07/12/12 Taste and You Shall See
06/12/12 Remember the Red
05/30/12 Why Not Simply Ask Me?
05/23/12 Crypt-side Story
05/17/12 The Puppet Mistress
05/09/12 Clem's Harrowing Bid For a Good Night's Sleep
05/02/12 Seventy Times Seven in the Valley of Singing Bones
04/23/12 The Reason This Car Has No Rearview Mirrors
04/19/12 Itching to Get Free
04/11/12 Have Yourself a Ball
03/12/12 Slippery When Wet
03/07/12 Careful Or You'll Catch It
02/29/12 A Near-Fatal Trip to a Unique Crisis Hotline
02/22/12 Trials of a Cosmic Guinea Pig
02/15/12 Holy Hair Dressers
02/06/12 Betrayal and Forgiveness
02/01/12 The Join-Our-Crew Interview
01/25/12 Bad Blood
01/14/12 Miss Goldie Greenhorn And The Blooper That Backfired
12/27/11 Leviathan's Box
12/03/11 Enjoying Her Time on Space Book
11/21/11 Like Walking On Water With a Giant Couch Potato
11/14/11 Cyber Wars, Return of the Well Read Eye
10/19/11 Fixing The Brain Freeze
09/08/11 Mabel's Mysterious Mixed Up Malady
09/07/11 A Queen's Eye View of Insecurity
08/11/11 Break-In
07/28/11 A Taste of His Own Medicine
07/19/11 Jumpy Jane Jehoshaphat
07/14/11 That Age-old Control Issue
06/08/11 A Cool New Point of View
06/01/11 First Love
05/25/11 My Brief Career as a Teenage Werewolf
05/17/11 His Heart's Not In It
05/10/11 Resurrection Connection
05/03/11 We Makes 'Em, They Breaks 'Em
04/26/11 Love That Diva
04/19/11 Charity
04/11/11 Contagious Faith
03/17/11 Finders Reapers
03/10/11 Trouble at the Wonder-Lympics
03/03/11 Soak In It
02/23/11 This Girl's Best Friend
02/14/11 True Blue For a Second Born
02/09/11 The Amazing Adventures of Captain Mo Treehugger
01/27/11 Easy In, Forget Getting Out
01/25/11 After All These Years
01/19/11 Making Room For the Miracle Season
01/11/11 Rare Pearl
12/23/10 The Sneaky Scapegoat
12/11/10 Butchered?
12/07/10 Signs Following
12/01/10 Speak Outside The Box
11/24/10 Final Call
11/15/10 Shades of Hate-Ya Voodoo
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10/23/10 Letter For Jim
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08/16/10 That Hideous Stench
08/10/10 Back In Touch
07/29/10 A Nose For News
07/24/10 Focus
07/17/10 Taste Test

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