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Name: Shandha Woodard
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Articles written: 89

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Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/04/13 The measurement of faith 123 For Sale
06/28/13 God does NOT pay the bills 140 For Sale
05/31/13 From the bottom to the top 165 For Sale
03/14/13 Coming clean at the throne 162 Free to Share
06/01/12 Our oh so little subtleties (seemingly) 201 For Sale
03/30/12 I hate this thing called death 190 Free to Share
03/15/12 God's encouragement 216 Free to Share
02/21/12 A traveling church 218 Free to Share
11/29/11 A low profile Christian 290 Free to Share
11/26/11 He really has no disregard for your life 243 Free to Share
11/20/11 Only doing what you’ve been told to do 265 Free to Share
09/05/11 Little baby Jesus 277 For Sale
09/03/11 Christian Love Connection 312 For Sale
08/31/11 Dare to dream big 264 Free to Share
08/16/11 With our deficiencies, shortcomings and inadequacies He can accomplish much 276 Free to Share
07/06/11 OMG she's not guilty 314 Free to Share
06/29/11 Why are you bothered 341 Free to Share
06/18/11 Faithfulness is to fatherhood as hand is to glove 325 For Sale
06/15/11 Catching the Holy Ghost 1050 For Sale
06/14/11 The Holy Ghost 334 For Sale
06/11/11 I'm praying for you 248 For Sale
05/31/11 The more we get together 284 Free to Share
05/30/11 For His pleasure 269 Free to Share
05/24/11 Persistence 281 For Sale
05/21/11 I want it now 313 Free to Share
05/20/11 God is love 352 Free to Share
05/14/11 Superstition, more common then you think 424 For Sale
05/12/11 But on the bright side 312 Free to Share
04/30/11 I don't really have it to give 253 Free to Share
03/23/11 They need to see Jesus 330 Free to Share
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03/14/2013 Coming clean at the throne
03/30/2012 I hate this thing called death
03/17/2012 He provides guidance before, during and after
03/17/2012 He really has no disregard (to treat as unworthy of consideration or respect) for your life
03/17/2012 God's encouragement
03/03/2012 A low profile Christian
03/03/2012 A traveling church
03/03/2012 Only doing what you've been told to do
03/03/2012 Dare to dream big
03/03/2012 For His pleasure
03/03/2012 God is love
03/03/2012 Actions roar louder than words
02/29/2012 Wealth is inherited but Wisdom is earned
02/29/2012 Ignorance is bliss
02/29/2012 Life is Tetris
02/29/2012 You can't beat God
02/29/2012 Don't be so easily influenced
02/29/2012 Opposition
02/29/2012 Good character ultimately amounts to what
02/29/2012 Unresolved issues
02/29/2012 Why do we pray
02/29/2012 Salt
02/29/2012 Called to be a blessing
02/29/2012 Is He CRAZY
02/29/2012 A defining moment
02/29/2012 Try seeing the good
02/29/2012 Is your heartache in vain
02/29/2012 Praying to a God you don't believe in
02/29/2012 The Golden Rule
02/28/2012 Will you still love Him
02/28/2012 They need to see Jesus
02/28/2012 With our deficiencies, shortcomings and inadequacies He can accomplish much
02/27/2012 But on the bright side
02/27/2012 "Grief"
02/27/2012 What if God was one of us