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Name: John Clark 
Website: www.healinghopeministries.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 366

 About Self
I am John Livingston Clark, who resides in the Yakima Valley of Washington State in the USA. I have degrees in music from San Diego State University and Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, USA. I am a speaker and self-published non-fiction author with a book called, GOD'S HEALING HOPE: BREAKING THE STRONGHOLDS OF WRONG THINKING, published by Trafford and available on Amazon and on Kindle ebook. My main audience is young adults, and my chief focus is on 12 Life Assessment areas to help this age group get life right the first time by building a firm foundation based on the Bible and by identifying and correcting wrong beliefs that hinder spiritual maturity and success in life. I am also a staff writer for www.thebottomline.co, and am published in the May 2014 issue of My Daily Armor's Christian Digest. You can refer to my website above for further information. You may contact me for speaking engagements or writing jobs at jhnruclark@gmail.com
Article Archives
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09/29/14 Public School Outrage 9 Free to Share
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09/12/14 What Really Makes A Christian, A Christian, Is Often Not Visible 37 Free to Share
09/10/14 We Are Only Beginning To See Evil At Its Worst 39 Free to Share
09/08/14 What Is Our Mission? 48 Free to Share
08/30/14 Can Genesis Be Taken Literally? 35 Free to Share
08/25/14 Beheading Will Increase 61 Free to Share
08/24/14 We Are NOT All Children of God 27 Free to Share
08/20/14 PASTORS IN SEXUAL SINS 47 Free to Share
08/16/14 When Life Shakes Up Your Plans 54 Free to Share
08/12/14 Evidence That The Old Testament Stories Can Be Taken Literally 50 Free to Share
07/25/14 Is The Pope Establishing The One World Church? 59 Free to Share
07/24/14 Are You Refined Like A Pearl? 58 For Sale
07/21/14 First Class Seat or Coach? 56 For Sale
07/18/14 Sticking To The Gospel 72 Free to Share
07/08/14 Where Is YOUR Name Written? 72 Free to Share
07/01/14 A Daddy To The Fatherless 60 Free to Share
06/29/14 How Effective Is Your Ministry? 71 For Sale
06/24/14 The Condition Of The Human Heart 54 Free to Share
06/15/14 Time Is Short So Let's Stay Focused On Jesus 67 Free to Share
06/09/14 Why Worship On Sunday? 72 Free to Share
06/08/14 Is The Bible The Word of God? 73 Free to Share
05/30/14 Christianity Is Not A Negative Religion 81 For Sale
05/21/14 My Response to Pat Robertson's Comments On The 700 Club 81 Free to Share
05/18/14 What If? 75 Free to Share
05/15/14 Ten Reasons Why Saturday Worship Is NOT A Requirement 82 Free to Share
05/12/14 How To Get Back On Track After Falling Into Sin 80 Free to Share
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10/07/13 God's Healing Hope: Breaking the Strongholds of Wrong Thinking

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