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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Kathy Barnes
Website: kats-kaleidoscope.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 122

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I love writing and sharing poems, prayer, and stories about God and the Gospel. This comes to no one surprise more than mine. When the Lord told me to write a few years back, I told Him, He was crazy. I am dyslexic and English was the one grade on my report card that never said A or B. He said, “He did not take that excuse from Moses, He was not listen to me.” When I first started writing, He had to force me, now I enjoy it. Most of what I write is praise. Whenever I start grumbling, He said, “Write praise.” I hope that you enjoy it and it lifts you up. If you do, know that it does come not from my ability or talent, I am only trying to write the words He whispers in my mind and dreams.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/18/12 The Good News 181 Free to Share
02/15/11 Esther 421 Free to Share
10/30/10 Just A Chat with God 556 Free to Share
10/05/10 A Time of Change 461 Free to Share
09/24/10 Sing Again, My Soul 429 Free to Share
09/19/10 The Baggage Buyer 610 Free to Share
09/15/10 God Lives Inside of Me 1093 Free to Share
09/15/10 Little People 292 Free to Share
09/08/10 Blow the Trumpet 386 Free to Share
09/08/10 Precious Lamb 326 Free to Share
08/27/10 Emotions 340 Free to Share
08/25/10 The Good News 340 Free to Share
08/25/10 Do you love Me? 350 Free to Share
08/24/10 Do We hear? 326 Free to Share
08/23/10 All of Me 347 Free to Share
08/23/10 A Blessing 326 Free to Share
08/23/10 Authority of Jesus 313 Free to Share
08/16/10 A Mothers Heart 442 Free to Share
08/16/10 Praise for My Master, King and Lord 325 Free to Share
08/10/10 The Watchman 419 Free to Share
08/06/10 The Reunion 365 Free to Share
08/04/10 Promise Land 371 Free to Share
08/03/10 The Smell of Fear 362 Free to Share
07/24/10 Lord, I Long to See 329 Free to Share
07/04/10 The Shunammite Woman 708 Free to Share
07/04/10 Let Freedom Ring 584 Free to Share
07/01/10 I See 417 Free to Share
07/01/10 The Widow and the Oil 498 Free to Share
06/25/10 Eden, Paradise Lost 503 Free to Share
06/24/10 Yeshua Jesus 333 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/02/10 Drama Queens
10/27/10 Farwell My Love
10/11/10 A Chat with God
09/15/10 Sunday Morning Masks
09/06/10 No, Don't Think on That!
08/31/10 Emotions of Life
08/21/10 Just Breathe
08/16/10 The Spirit’s Voice
08/06/10 He Touched Me!
08/01/10 Follow Your Nose Home
07/24/10 The Eyes of God
07/17/10 Nanny’s Kitchen and Tay Daddy’s Table
07/12/10 I Hear

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
01/28/11 Eden, Paradise Lost (rewrite)
09/06/10 Eden, Paradise Lost
08/23/10 A Mother’s Heart
08/16/10 The Tale of a Murderer and a Father's Love
08/10/10 The Watchman
08/10/10 Arise My Banner
08/10/10 A Blessing
08/10/10 ABC Prayer of Praise
07/07/10 Abraham and Me
07/07/10 Praise be to Lord God Almighty
07/07/10 Joy is in the Morning
07/02/10 The Shunammite Woman
07/01/10 The Widow and the Oil
06/30/10 First Love
06/30/10 America
06/30/10 Mary's Story
06/29/10 Black and White TV and Life
06/29/10 Praise be to Lord God Almighty
06/28/10 Remove the Veil
06/27/10 Death, Heaven and Hell

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