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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Stan Arney
Website: www.simplyfollowme.com
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Articles written: 214

 About Self
I have been writing since I was 4 years old. I have been writing poems for several decades, and have probably lost more poems, than I have kept. I started concentrating on Christian based poems, exclusively, over 10 years ago. I write Christian based poems, not just for myself, but to share with others. Not to force them to Believe, as I do, but to share The Gospel, The Word, The Holy Bible, with everyone. To give them an opportunity to hear The Gospel, and if they haven't already, accept God's Free Gift of Salvation. Hopefully, they read my poems, ponder, wonder, think about, question, etc. If they learn more about God, and His Only Son, Jesus Christ, then my goal was reached.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/24/14 The Triumphal Battle Of Jesus Christ, The Holy Angels, And His Saints 44 Free to Share
10/22/14 Proclamations Of Angels Revelation 50 Free to Share
10/22/14 The Beast From The Sea And The Beast From The Earth 48 Free to Share
10/21/14 The Woman, The Child, And The Dragon 45 Free to Share
10/17/14 Heaven Exults Over Babylon 55 Free to Share
10/16/14 The Fall Of Babylon The Great 51 Free to Share
10/16/14 The Holy Bible and YOU 52 Free to Share
10/16/14 A Simple Plan 68 Free to Share
10/15/14 The Scarlet Woman and The Scarlet Beast 52 Free to Share
10/13/14 The Seven Angels With The Seven Bowls Of Judgment 83 Free to Share
10/12/14 The Lamb Takes The Scroll, Worthy Is The Lamb 60 Free to Share
10/11/14 Vision Of The Son Of Man 72 Free to Share
10/10/14 The Throne Room Of Heaven 88 Free to Share
10/09/14 The Seventh Seal And The Seven Angels With Trumpets 58 Free to Share
10/08/14 A Multitude From The Great Tribulation 53 Free to Share
10/08/14 Cosmic Disturbances And Terror 76 Free to Share
10/07/14 The Cry Of The Martyrs 55 Free to Share
10/07/14 The Four Horsemen 46 Free to Share
10/05/14 The Two Witnesses 54 Free to Share
10/01/14 Lazarus 45 Free to Share
09/30/14 Spiritually Burst 44 Free to Share
09/28/14 Jesus Will 49 Free to Share
09/27/14 Believe It 43 Free to Share
09/24/14 The Truth 35 Free to Share
09/24/14 What God Truly Asks Of Me 41 Free to Share
09/23/14 The Harvest 40 Free to Share
09/23/14 The Word 44 Free to Share
09/22/14 The Least 35 Free to Share
09/22/14 God's Earth 37 Free to Share
09/21/14 Life Giving Water And Bread 30 Free to Share
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