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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Stan Arney
Website: www.simplyfollowme.com
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Articles written: 364

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I have been writing since I was 4 years old. I have been writing poems for several decades, and have probably lost more poems, than I have kept. I started concentrating on Christian Poetry, exclusively, over 12 years ago. I write Christian Poems, Mini-Sermons, Bible Studies, Lyrics, etc., not for myself, but to share with others. Not to force them to Believe, as I do, but to share The Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Word, The Holy Bible), with everyone. To give them an opportunity to hear The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and if they haven't already, to accept God's Free Gift of Salvation. Hopefully, they read my writings, and ponder, wonder, think about, question, etc. If they learn more about God Almighty, and His Only Son, Jesus Christ, then my goal was reached. [Note: I have also begun creating videos of me reading my writings, and posting them online (YouTube). So, that people can see the man behind the writings, but also, some may prefer to hear them read, instead of reading them, themselves].
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/10/15 Make No Mistake 79 Free to Share
07/07/15 When This Moment Comes 42 Free to Share
07/05/15 Knowing And Seeing God, Through Love 43 Free to Share
07/04/15 Stand With God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit 50 Free to Share
07/03/15 Believers, We Are To Boldly Proclaim 52 Free to Share
07/03/15 Repent, For The Kingdom of Heaven, Is At Hand 48 Free to Share
07/02/15 Who Am I, To Force My Biblical Beliefs On YOU 59 Free to Share
07/01/15 Believers, Let Our Voice Be Heard 48 Free to Share
07/01/15 Stop, In The Name Of God Almighty's Love 40 Free to Share
06/30/15 God Created Man, Male And Female, In His Own Image 42 Free to Share
06/30/15 Are YOU Bold Enough 41 Free to Share
06/28/15 We Must Test The Spirits 33 Free to Share
06/27/15 Im Blessed, In More Ways, Than I Could Imagine 42 Free to Share
06/27/15 We, Believers, Do Well To Remember 33 Free to Share
06/26/15 Are YOU Preparing Yourself For The Transition Into Everlasting Life short version 46 Free to Share
06/26/15 We, Believers, Grieve For The World 43 Free to Share
06/26/15 Godís Free Gift Of Salvation, Nothing Else Matters 35 Free to Share
06/25/15 As A Believer, In God Almighty And Jesus Christ 41 Free to Share
06/24/15 Are YOU Preparing Yourself For The Transition Into Everlasting Life 54 Free to Share
06/23/15 Do Not Love The World, Let The Truth Abide In YOU 43 Free to Share
06/23/15 Male And Female, Marriage And Divorce, Husband And Wife 56 Free to Share
06/20/15 God Almighty's Specific Path For YOU 34 Free to Share
06/20/15 Some Things James Had To Say 48 Free to Share
06/19/15 We Know About Jesus Christ 42 Free to Share
06/19/15 Our Fruitful Growth, In Faith 36 Free to Share
06/18/15 Jesus Christ's Return 30 Free to Share
06/18/15 What Did Jude Have To Say 44 Free to Share
06/17/15 Jesus Christ's Ascension Into Heaven 42 Free to Share
06/15/15 A Rare Glimpse Into Two Moments 58 Free to Share
06/13/15 The Fellowship Of The Mystery 51 Free to Share
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